For the 2nd time, I’m writing from my dad’s hospital room. This has inspired me to do another application of what I learned from PT school 20 years ago to network marketing. About what we call the 3 C’s of a patient’s awareness: Conscious, Coherent, Cooperative.

When a patient’s conscious, he/she can only be aware oh the immediate environment, but not express the awareness fully. If the patient can, that’s the time we classify as being coherent. Meaning, the patient responds, but couldn’t say if he/she agrees or disagrees with what’s going on. If the patient does this, that’s when we say if he/she’s cooperative or not, which will now depend on the way the treatment is being accepted emotionally.

How can we apply this to our daily routine as a network marketer? Simple.

If you’ve heard or seen a business opportunity before, but never at least requested for details, you’re just CONSCIOUS. If you did request it, but never understood the stakes of not signing up, you’re just being COHERENT about it. If you understood it, but still, you chose not to take action, you’re now being UNCOOPERATIVE, because not taking action defies logic. You’re not cooperating with reality, & it wants an answer. It’s OK to say “no”; at least, you’re letting others take appropriate action. You’re letting them adjust.

(Originally posted Apr. 4, 2015. For more of my network marketing adventures, visit my official blog.)