Proclaimed in 2017 by the World Economic Forum as the fourth industrial revolution, creativity, grit and an entrepreneurial spirit are the key skills to influence and lead innovation.

With the rise of the gig economy, it is without question that millennials have embraced and ran with this growing trend.

In June 2017, Forbes article Keeping Millennials Engaged Requires Flexibility and Creativity recently identified several strategies to empower and retain millennials; foster teaming, enable social learning and collaborative training, gage employee satisfaction with surveys for change initiatives. The offering of a flexible and creative work environment was number one.

Conscious leadership concentrates on the effectiveness of management. The ability to inspire and empower others is a skill. In the same manner, conscious creativity is also a skill that can be developed over time.

Brand and leadership specific and relevant strategies are optimized when there is a genuine emotional reaction as a response that authenticity and value is perceived and offered.

Here are 6 great reasons why you should consider leveraging creativity within your brand as a business and leadership competency.

  1. To Inspire and ignite your vision mission statement

  2. To determine and set the parameters of your goals.

  3. To measure and define creative process strategy

  4. To empower and foster authentic leadership and relationships

  5. Adopt a 360 position of personal and authentic leadership approach to leading self:

Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn to balance and leverage emotions for creative and management effectiveness

Authors of the Emotionally Intelligent Manager, Peter Salovey, President of Yale University and David Caruso, a management psychologist share how the positive and negative moods both serve counterbalancing purposes to motivate and broaden thinking and repertoire for idea generation and solutions while ensuring for the clear focus and objectivity testing.


  • Assess and identify hinderances within brand and self wherein risk is tolerated and or may be averted. Within an organization, freedom in knowledge sharing and idea creation is best supported when there is psychological safety where idea generation creativity errors are welcomed.

Change Management Style

  • Acknowledge your approach and dominant style in responding to change. Initiatives which are incremental in innovative outcomes may be the preference for some, while breakthrough innovation objectives would work well for other

Influence & Personality

  • Leverage your strengths and style in influence and personality as a brand and leadership strategy. Do you hope to inspire and lead, big, imaginative ideas? Or are you rational and focused on logic and facts?

Problem Solving

  • Define and apply principles to creating an efficient problem -solving process and roadmap to leading your brand and leadership strategy from question, analysis to purpose outcome


  • Foster curiosity. Create a culture that embraces and rewards the power of the stretch in learning


6. Grasp the ROI – Conscious Creativity will strengthen your brand position and presence, by creating awareness and unique, compelling for the brand and leaders alike. This is in fact will increase your customer’s brand loyalty, employee engagement and business profits.

Learn more about your conscious creativity style and your strengths for leadership and your brand by taking the quiz: