“Symptoms from ‘Side Effects’ can make awful impacts for our bodies forever.” These two words are regularly confounded and one is an action word and one is a thing not taken seriously as a cause for many of our world crisises.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

“With regards to drugs, these two words nearly go together inseparably with regards to responses and what will cause to occur and an ‘effect’ is to have an impact on and ‘impact’ is something expedited by a reason or a change which has happened.”

“To think you need something which is only making things worse is a mental illness at its finest. When I became my own greatest side effect it was time to find another way to live.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

“Presently let me know whether I am wrong, however when anything which we put into our bodies should work to help us it is known to have an impact on our sickness or infection, and when it doesn’t function admirably in our bodies and we have issues from the prescription, we have a reaction which is something expedited by a reason.”

“I might not be right, yet this sounds legitimate to me and to go much further the word ‘influence’ when utilized as an action word for ‘side effect’ can intend to ‘assault or contaminate, as a disease in itself.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

“Could it possibly be when we have reactions caused from allergies and/or side effects that is a sign from the body saying “Stop them all while you have the chance to save your own life?”

“Could it be that the body is telling the mind warning you to do something, which only started when began taking what you started putting into the body and to stop taking? Or is when our minds tell us to stop taking are we hurting ourselves because we even began taking something which is designed not to want you to stop taking?

I want to thank the Lord right now for helping me see my way out of this ball of confusion. Amen

I have lots of questions: Could this not be an assault of our body and the reason for death, another new cause to begin a cause, a cause of the beginning of something else added to your life needing a pill for? Why do we have so many mental illness problems in this world: Parkinson Disease, diabetes, asthma, strokes, seizures, heart attacks, suicidal tendency thoughts in 2019? I call them mental issues because we have to rely on something which calms for only a moment before having to depend and rely upon a drug again! Isn’t what we have our hand something way bigger like ‘Addiction?’ I mean relying upon a medication is being addicted to drugs when you need it, use something, depended upon and it helps only for a moment until or before you have to have a fix or inhaler soon again?

When you see the number the most used pain drugs it will astound you and is what mainly made me make up my mind that I wanted to live and have much too much more living to do with my life!

I found a list of the most used painkillers in the United States and why are so many people in pain? I found the most dispensed scripts for Opioids in 2013 were: Hydrocodone (Vicodin) 127, 859, 000 ; Oxycodone with acetaminophen (generic Percocet) 32,962,000; Ocycodone HCL (generic OcyContin) 16,440,000; Acetaminophen with codeine 11,225,000; Morphine sulfate 9,658,000; Fentanyl 6,468,000; OxyContin 5,659,000; Methadone 3,860,000 Hydromorphone HCL (generic Dilaudid) 3,587,000 & Oxymorphone HCL, extended release (Opana ER) 756,000.

As indicated by “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fortifying a current name cautioning that non-headache medicine non-steroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs) increment the possibility of a heart assault or stroke. In light of our complete survey of new wellbeing data, we are expecting updates to the medication marks of every single medicine Nsaid. Just like the case with current medicine NSAID names, the Drug Facts marks of over-the-counter (OTC) non-headache medicine NSAIDs as of now contain data on heart attack and stroke chance. We will likewise ask for updates to the OTC non-headache medicine NSAID Drug Facts marks.”

“Patients taking NSAIDs should look for therapeutic consideration promptly in the event that they encounter indications, for example, chest torment, shortness of breath or inconvenience breathing, a shortcoming in one section or side of their body, or slurred discourse.”

“When settling on a choice about whether to take drugs it is critical for you to know the actualities about the medication you pick and comprehend the dangers identified with taking that tranquilize. Feeling confounded about regardless of whether taking medications is the correct decision for you isn’t abnormal.”

“Keep in mind that I am not a specialist, doctor nor drug specialist, but rather I do have good judgment and exceedingly prescribe that anybody taking recommended meds to currently possess the Nursing 2018 Drug Handbook,(hopefully change because drugs are constantly changing), it’s simpler than any time in recent memory to remain current on the in excess of 4,500 most recent changes to tranquilize data and to stay away from even the most widely recognized medicine blunders.”

“Mosby’s is another great medication handbook to have close by.”

“This book should be your book of saving your life when and if taking more than one drug.”

Mosby’s Nursing Drug Reference, Nursing Drug Handbook

As per the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging, “Medications can show up at first to have beneficial outcomes – lifting your state of mind, loosening up you or notwithstanding giving you more vitality. Be that as it may, they can likewise impact affect your psychological and physical wellbeing, your connections, and your life by and large.”

Side Effect: Problems that happen when treatment goes past the ideal impact. Or on the other hand, issues that happen notwithstanding the ideal restorative impact.

A discharge from the utilization of a lot of anticoagulants (blood thinners), (for example, coumadin and/or heparin) is a symptom brought about by treatment going past the ideal impact. Did you know that you have to be careful about hitting or bumping yourself when taking this medication?

The basic symptoms of cancer treatment including exhaustion, queasiness, heaving, diminished platelet checks, hair pattern baldness, and mouth wounds are examples of reactions that happen notwithstanding the ideal helpful impact.

“Medication makers are required to list all known reactions of their items. At the point when symptoms of a vital drug are extreme, now and then a second prescription, way of life change, dietary change, or other measures may limit them.”

Reactions: Older Bodies Handle Drugs Differently

“While everybody should be watchful when taking a prescription, more seasoned grown-ups oftentimes take more than one drug at any given moment. Prescriptions can connect with one another in startling ways, so anybody taking a few meds in the meantime ought to be additional cautious. Additionally, as the body ages, its capacity to retain sustenances and medications changes.”

“As individuals age, the body’s capacity to separate substances can diminish. Since more seasoned individuals will be unable to use tranquilizes just as they once did, they may require smaller portions of medication per pound of body load than youthful or moderately aged grown-ups do.”

By what method can two distinct medications impact each other’s impact?

“Medications can now and then impact each other inside the body, creating an expanded impact, additional symptoms, or diminished viability of at least one medications. This is known as a medication collaboration.”

“Once more, am not a specialist, doctor nor drug specialist, but rather do profoundly prescribe that individuals understand that those plastic pill compartment which is being sold… . are not to put the majority of your drugs into and to be taken at AM, PM, NIGHTTIME all together.”

“Rather recommended meds ought to be taken or given by someone who monitors prescriptions being taken and ought to be taken straightforwardly from the endorsed drug bottle and taken per doctor’s bearings on the endorsed medicine bottle.”

“Consider it… ..on the off chance that you take 5 distinct drugs every pill jug will have diverse medicine headings and in what manner will you have the capacity to take as needs be the point at which all tossed into a plastic pill holder?”

“Do you understand that these drugs respond absolutely diversely when all taken together and can be hazardous and hurtful to our wellbeing and bodies.”

NOTE: “Medication contraindications can happen when individuals take at least two unique prescriptions in the meantime.”

Expanded Use of Black-box Warnings

“Albeit discovery admonitions have been utilized for a considerable length of time, over the most recent 10 years, there has been a blast in the number issued.”

“Here’s what a number of discovery alerts are made: Before a medication is made accessible to the general population, restricted clinical preliminaries are performed. After the discharge and across the board quiet use, in any case, the FDA normally has a greater amount of comprehension of the medication and its potential antagonistic impacts and may choose to include discovery admonitions.”

Somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2008, around 14 percent of security marking changes have been identified with discovery cautioning increases or updates, as per an article which probably nobody even reads about hospital and pharmacy error when it comes to prescription drugs.


“In any case, discovery admonitions are not only for moderately new medications. For instance, Darvon/Darvocet, a generally utilized agony reliever for over 50 years, was issued a discovery cautioning in July 2009 when it was connected to lethal overdoses. However, it wasn’t until November 2010 that it was removed the market since it was found to perilously adjust the electrical action of the heart.”

NOTE: I am not being paid for any of this information but I share and I use others work after researching 1st and use as sources for what I write, but God has me here getting out to the world about what we are up against! I am also NOT writing stating anybody should stop their medications! I am just sharing and caring about our world and as we stand now, we are doomed without finding things out for yourself. The only thing I am more need of is God and ask for His understanding each morning I wake up to see another blessed day!


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