Lumber pricing and a skilled labor shortage is hurting affordability throughout the building community. BamCore is one example of such a company offering a sustainable and economical solution with their green engineered bamboo-wood hybrid structural panels that are super-strong, high performing while providing the lowest possible carbon footprint. BamCore’s dual panel framing solution can be assembled extremely quickly saving labor as it only takes three workers to complete an install. The BamCore Prime Wall System is delivered to the jobsite numbered and pre-cut for every door, window, switch and an outlet opening, thus saving considerable wall construction time. In addition, there is little or no job site cutting needed with the Prime Panels effectively reducing jobsite waste. BamCore was recently named as the winner of the 2021 Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability – a prestigious annual award recognizing ambitious, feasible, and scalable solutions to housing affordability.

At BamCore we change both the materials that we build with and the methods we build. Only by doing both can we address the global housing and climate change crises,” said Hal Hinkle, CEO, BamCore.  “The internationally judged Ivory Prize recognizes the need to change both.  And by scaling our solution, we’ll be able to lower the carbon, cost and labor of our built environment.”

The BamCore Prime Wall System has many additional benefits as well. The panelized Prime Wall system eliminates over 80% of wood studs, headers and posts to reduce thermal bridging and air leakage, saving thousands of operating dollars yearly. The Bamcore Wall System is a significantly quieter building option, perfect for shared interior walls in apartments, hotels, offices, etc. as simply eliminating conventional wood framing the panels greatly improve the acoustic environment. Additionally, BamCore’s bamboo-based Prime Wall System reduces mold risk and is a truly sustainable company on every level. The company only purchases raw material bamboo from sustainably harvested suppliers mostly in lesser developed countries and strives for high sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process. And, these are only a few of the many product highlights.

“When we decided to tear down our home of 32 years in Marin County and build a “green” and sustainable home, our architect proposed BamCore to us to capture our commitment. We built both our new house and a double studio using BamCore’s wall systems and we could not be happier. We knew we were getting the most sustainable solution, but BamCore adds so much more,” said Leslie L, BamCore Homeowner, Marin, CA. “Another big plus for us is that the walls don’t really transmit sound. I can be in my art studio with my music turned up and my husband who writes next door cannot hear a thing. We are thrilled we used BamCore and believe it is the way of the future.”

About BamCore BamCore is a NGBS and Sonoma County certified green company that sustainably utilizes timber bamboo’s strength to green engineer a fully customizable, code-compliant, stud-less framing solution. The BamCore prime wall is greener, thermally superior, healthier, safer, quieter, and more quickly installed than any other conventional building method and material available today. For more information, please visit: