Gone are the days when fixing up one’s vision involved long eye surgeries and a fifty-fifty chance of success. At this point of time, human beings of every age group can get their eye problems fixed in the blink of an eye. Be it an eye test which takes just 20 minutes of your time, or fixing up one’s sight with focal lens, science has made it all possible.

Earlier, it was horn rimmed spectacles for everyone—a modern marvel of eye care that holds the power to cure bad eyesight. At the present moment, spectacles are number one solution to bad eyesight. But glasses don’t cater to everyone’s needs and problems are root cause behind every solution. People needed something that could fit in their eye and set their eyesight straight, something that later came out to be called at Contact Lenses.

This teeny-sized curved lens has revolutionized eye-care industry and contact lenses sport the fastest growing market among other eye-care products. Contact Lenses providers are on their toes to help users out, as websites like contactlenses4us are in constant pursuit to supply contacts as soon as possible to customers.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

One of the most remarkable inventions in mankind, a contact lens is a medical device that rests on cornea of the eye to correct one’s vision. Here are some benefits that contact lenses magnify:

Reduced adaptation period: Unlike spectacles, contact lenses don’t take time to gel into your daily routine. You’ll feel like you’ve been wearing them since day one and they settle on your cornea just right.

Comfort factor: Many spectacle bearers have complained about how hard it is to carry weight of spectacles on one’s nose. With contact lenses, the comfort factor scales up a notch as the only way to feel them is by experiencing lucid vision.

Myriad of choices: Contact lenses come with millions of choices. Be it bifocal or tinted, colored or transparent, disposable or permanent, choices are endless in contact lenses.

Great for rough use: Unlike spectacles which might fall victim to a scratch or might break down, lenses are great for an active lifestyle and rough handling. Hence, if you like to be on your toes, contacts might be your true calling.

But one cannot just go to the store and buy contacts—there’s a prescription needed to bring them home. If you are looking to procure contact lenses, you must be aware of the fact that contact lenses are almost impossible to score without a prescription. But it is not that you need to get a new prescription for new contacts, you can get contacts with a prescription. How? Well, contactlenses4us is the answer.

No Prescription? Contacts Me!

Just like glasses need a prescription before they’re made, contact lenses need the same type of prescription. In any normal scenario, you’d have to get a fresh eye test done, get a new prescription and then get new contacts.

But with contactlenses4us, you don’t have to trap yourself in shackles of prescription for contact lenses. Have a prescription already that is not more than 1 year old? You’re set! Just click a picture and send it to experts at contactlenses4us, they’d be more than happy to craft your lenses according to your requirement. You won’t even need a new prescription, just take your pick and get contacts without prescription.

These Contacts don’t need Prescription

Thanks to websites like contactlenses4us, contact lenses are easily available to us without a prescription. All we have to do is verify with the most recent prescription and the contact lenses will be on their way in no time. The contactlenses4us website ships lenses of choice as soon as possible. The best part is that these contacts don’t need prescription to reach you.

Let us look at five variants of contact lenses that you can buy without exclusively procuring new prescriptions.

1.   Air Optix Aqua (6) contact lenses

If you’re looking for monthly disposable lenses that supplies five times more oxygen to eyes than the normal contacts, the Air Optix Aqua is your best bet. With surface so smooth that eyes feel rested, the oxygen supply keeps it clean and prevents deposition from building up.

2.   Acuvue Oasys

Do you work in an environment that causes dryness in your eyes? No amount of eye drops can keep your eyes wet, so you need daily-wear contacts to keep things moist. This one by Johnson & Johnson retains and restores moisture with hydra-clear technology. No need to pour rewetting drops every now and then, as the Acuvue Oasys keeps it in check.

3.   Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus (30)

These disposal lenses are one of a kind—if your eyes are craving that fresh feeling along with lucid and clear vision all day, this one by Dailies might be your jam. Wear one fresh pair everyday and keep the fresh feeling alive and kicking. The Aqua Comfort Plus can be used for a month without any hassle.

4.   Biomedica—1 day extra

Biomedica is the largest range having widest variety of disposable contact lenses. Although they aren’t available on http://contactlenses4us.com, you should look once.

5.   Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Toric (30 lenses)

Astigmatism is a very common vision condition. One of the largest causes of blurred vision,astigmatismstarts at cornea. Due to the irregular-shaped cornea and curvature of lens inside the eye, astigmatism can be cured with toric lens. These can be bought without prescription and are perfect to correct the problem.

Prescription’s not a must

Prescriptions are needed when you get contacts because, how will you get the right contacts if there’s no prescription? But with platforms like contactlenses4us, you can use your glasses’ prescription and with the reference, get yourself a brand new set of contact lenses from their stellar range.

If you are thinking about starting with contact lenses, you’ve made a good decision already. Build on it—get contact lenses without prescription from contactlenses4us and get ready to dump those glasses.