Once you’ve created content you’re satisfied with, it’s time to upload it to the internet. That often isn’t the end of the puzzle though, as you’re likely going to want to find ways that you can spread your content to interested people browsing the internet. It can be difficult to market your content though in the ever-changing landscape of social media.

Fortunately, you can learn from those that deal with content marketing for a living. By following a list of popular guidelines, you’re likely to have a much better chance of successfully marketing your content on the internet. Check out some of these tips so you can better market your content.


To market your content successfully, you’re going to have to learn about what your current audience looks like. Popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube allow you to grab analytics on all of your content like total views, location, age, and much more. You can then start thinking about how that type of audience will feel about the content you are releasing in the future.

You can also grab important data like watch time. This metric can be super important as platforms like YouTube allow you to make more money from advertisers if you can get a viewer to watch a long video. Make sure you grab data from your videos so you know how to change and market your future content.


You can get a lot of data from your audience by just using built-in data tools. However, you aren’t going to get all of the answers you need about the content you’re releasing in the future. For this reason, you should think about surveying your audience.

To survey your audience, think about slipping a free survey link in the description of one of your next pieces of content. Your survey can have plenty of questions such as what kind of content would a viewer like to see next, what type of thumbnails can successfully advertise a video to a viewer, and if you should work with any other popular content creators. By surveying your audience, you’ll be able to much better learn about your content and how you can successfully market it on the internet.