Until now I enjoyed eating food, but Pandemic has given me a new activity which is cooking. For me, good food is essential for a good healthy life. While trying cooking, I felt cooking is an art in which very few can master.

Pandemic is changing many things in people’s lives. Today for better immunity, we are again going to basics in our meal. Top Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan said that it is essential to eat right. We can clearly see the better immune person is remaining safe against COVID-19. 

In Pandemic time we are also seeing new fashion of cooking at home. Yes, many men are trying new recipes at their home for their family. Cooking, as we all know, is an art only a few in the world can prepare the right food with the right taste. In that few comes our Chef Faisal Ahmed.

To become a good cook in this Pandemic, you have to follow experts like Faisal Ahmed who can guide you to make a perfect dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is healthy and tasty both. The person who enjoys cooking has the best time to learn new cooking methods. 

According to Chef Faisal, Cooking provides physical benefits; It improves the state of mind. Those who cook healthy food at home can change the living standard of the family. 

Cooking also helps you become creative. Yes, food can improve your creativity. It boosts you to do something new in life. It is the best time to try some grandma’s recipes at home. 

According to Chef Faisal says that when he had started this food journey, he had no idea what life would have in store for him. Deciding between a regular corporate job & a passion that would change his life forever, Chef Faisal chose his love & took the first step towards the same with getting proper education & imparting the same knowledge to other food enthusiasts with guiding & giving them consultation on many related matters.

Now he wishes that everyone eats healthy food at this time so that they can fight against deadly virus coronavirus. He is guiding many restaurants and all how to create new dishes and try something new after Pandemic.

The master of food also has an elaborate list of followers & fans on his social media & this seems to be increasing day by day. However, he also says that he doesn’t wish to measure his success based only on the number of followers. Instead, he wants to see everyone remain healthy and fit by eating healthy food. You can follow him on Insta @Cheffaisalco