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When we talk about reducing stress, ideas for activities like meditationyoga and therapy usually come up. But, did you know that something as simple as cooking can also reduce stress?

If you cook out of obligation, it’s time to change your thoughts. That’s because cooking brings us some benefits and satisfies us in some essential ways.

The act of cooking is meditative in itself. But it also leads to a more balanced diet , which experts now recognize as crucial to mental health. Studies also show a link between a healthier diet and higher levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone).

Thus, cooking can help relieve depression, anxiety and its manifestations, in addition to stress. As a result, several mental health clinics have started using cooking as a type of behavioral therapy. See the reasons why cooking relieves stress.

1.Even if your life is a mess, cooking you realize that you have total organizational capacity.
When you can make your own food, you feel like you can do anything!

2. Seeing something taking shape gives a sense of accomplishment.
It is very magical to see the ingredients changing, and the coolest thing: you are making the magic happen!

3. When your head is full, cooking becomes that good haven, after all you just need to follow a recipe.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

You don’t have to decide anything: just take a deep breath and read the step by step.

4. You can literally get your hands dirty.
Instead of using the help of mixers and the like, try to do something with your own hands. This recipe here skillet bread with basic ingredients of the kitchen is a great idea to begin with .

5. When you want to take out the anger, there is nothing like tenderizing meat with a hammer.
You take your anger out and still eat a tender steak!

6. Chopping vegetables will make you feel something very tasty.

Image by Martin Vorel from Pixabay

How else could you use a knife in a legal and reassuring way?

7. You feel a very favorable physical fatigue in the kitchen.
Too good to relax you from mental fatigue, cooking involves quite physical tasks, with squats to pick up pots and pans, walk around in the kitchen and wash that dish.

8. Squeezing a lemon helps to alleviate frustrations.

Image by Martin Vorel from Juicers available in Indian market

Give a little chirp while making juice or seasoning a salad.

9. Smelling food being cooked is very good for calming down.

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

Smell of garlic and onion being cooked ad Smell of cake in the oven. There is no way to be pissed off by smelling good smells.

10. It’s a great way to focus on something and not think about your anxiety.
No matter what happened before or what is about to happen, now you are cooking something that deserves your full attention!

11. Cooking can become a hobby you haven’t discovered for your life.
At first it may seem something you do for your survival, but you may also find that going to the kitchen is your big hobby.

12. It is a good exercise for your creativity.

Image by brunoming from Pixabay

Even if you cook according to instructions, you are stimulating your mind and can think of different ways to make that recipe more your own.

13. Cooking makes you feel really useful.
You really need to eat, simple as that.

14. Even if you find it difficult to deal with others, it is very natural to prepare food as a team.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Someone chop the vegetables, someone takes care of the stove, everyone creates a show meal.

15. Unlike other things in life, you get a result right there.
And most importantly: you tried, regardless of whether it worked out a lot or not.

16. It is a way of exercising your concentration.
You will be amazed at their discipline and attention.

17. It’s a really cool way to do something for others.
There is no way to feel down when you make someone happier with delicious food.

18. Cooking is taking care of you.
In addition to having the chance to take care of your food by choosing to eat better and healthier things, you dedicate a very important time to yourself.