This synthesis allows us to integrate various methods, from talk to somatic therapies, including Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral, EMDR, Cranial Sacral, SE®, EFT, Movement and Dance, TIR and many others.

High or traumatic stress, anger and pain can weaken the body, trouble the mind and cloud the soul.  They are bad for our physical and mental health, for our families, our communities and our environment. When we are triggered and activated by stress and trauma,we lose our balance, are off, and act out.  We get angered and irritable very easily, we cry and loose our energy, or we withdraw and isolate.

Breath, essential to our life, allows to overcome. We must breathe  in the light which is our essence, look beyond the imperfections of our lives and see the opportunities for greatness.  Breath allows for an incredible power or Chi to break through almost anything and is a portal to that energy.

The mind can do a perfect job of calming and reassuring us. It controls the reptilian brain and stops stress hormones from being released from our bodies when we are not really in trouble. A balanced mind can problem-solve and respond constructively to the myriad problems we face.

The bodythe autonomic nervous system in charge of our defensive responses is needed when the neo-cortex alone cannot do the job of protecting us, and makes place to the reptilian brain, which can actively defend us, empowered by the stress hormones released. A balanced nervous system will keep us in high functioning, allowing for an integrated brain where the neo-cortex is in control;  an unbalanced nervous system creates havoc in our thoughts , emotions and actions.

The spirit gives us the capacity to live with purpose and relies on the soul and its connection to higher forces. Sometimes, it magically operates for our well-being even when the body and mind fail us.

Breath is the power of the chi to bring in the light.  Breath, both voluntary and involuntary, is the only autonomic function directed by both brains; it helps develop resiliency, regain control and diminish pain. The involuntary, reptilian breath -one of the signs of discharge- releases the stress hormones stuck in the body.

When combined, Mind, Body and Soul createthe capacity for greatness, heroism and transcendence.

Healing takes place when we track and listen to what our bodies tell us. The capacity to tune inwards into our internal landscape and associate it to our emotions, thoughts and images, allows for deep healing when we give time to this process.  Taking things slowly, approaching our issues with attention to the body/mind/soul messages, allowing time for the built-in autonomic  processes of our autonomic nervous system to take place and release all the tension we hold, consciously practicing the power of the breath is how we  develop resiliency, regain our self- control and conquer pain.

The result is a healthier and happier holiday season, with more energy, with better and precise thinking for problem solving, and in better communication and diminished conflict.


  • Gina Ross, MFCC

    Gina Ross

    A specialist in individual and collective trauma, senior Somatic Experiencing® instructor Gina Ross is the author of a series of books Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex. The books outline EmotionAid™, The Ross Model and Free From Conflict Protocol:  Successful Conflict Resolution and Communication.   All her work focuses on the 10 social sectors that can amplify or heal trauma. Her latest book Breaking News! The Media and the Trauma Vortex:  Understanding News Reporting, Journalists and Audiences was launched at the Jerusalem Press Club. Gina focuses her analytical and advocacy work on the collective trauma behind politics. She is also a freelance journalist, frequently writing about political polarization. She is a regular contributor to international publications. Gina Ross is available by email [email protected].

    The mission of the International Trauma Institutes in the USA and Israel is to promote peace at the community, national and international levels by bringing awareness to trauma as a root cause of suffering conflict and violence; and to the resources available for trauma’s resolution and healing.