Sometimes, travel can be pretty unpleasant and there can be various explanations for it. There are other issues that I often consider frustrating while traveling, and I’m sure you’ve always experienced one or the other. Yet I find solutions to cope with all of these during my extensive journeys!

Multi Trips

Ever scheduled a trip to several cities? Within few days it is especially convenient to visit several cities within Europe. In Barcelona one day, in Paris the following day, and in Amsterdam the day after? No question and you want to see as many as you can right in the mean time? .I wasn’t somewhere at the end of the day and didn’t see something … technically while I was seeing all the towns … but I still plotted the next move of the itinerary in my mind. Over the years I’ve found that less is enough and I’ll be enough happy with one wonderful memory than with three brief and boring experiences. I can still go and find out my next ride to the other cities!

Delays and Annulments

Although most of Europe’s transport methods are effective, you can never be sure they always would be on schedule. Still have some spare time scheduled. And if you don’t fly out on schedule, consider relaxing and making the most of it .In the meantime, is there nothing you can do? Now, hopefully, you’ve got the spare time you’ve been waiting for to get something finished … Anytime I face delays or cancellations, I only find a job that occupies the time … right now I’m sitting at Copenhagen airport covering a two hour void by writing this blog post … you see, there’s still something to do. Don’t spend your time moaning over easy stuff

Getting Lost

Will you fear finding yourself in foreign places? Okay I don’t really but it’s a perfect opportunity to learn what a town is all like through exploring secret parts of a community that I wouldn’t usually get to see through a regular guide. But I still manage to add a Google Maps app to my phone and use it while offline, and find my way out again. You can do it too, quickly. Check for a place in Google Maps and zoom so that you can see the entire region you want to display on the phone. Now press the search box without quotations, and enter “ok maps.” Click the Search button on the keyboard and you’ll almost immediately access the entire available region to your tablet. Try it now and you will love it!

Airport Queues

Isn’t it irritating when you’ve got someone slow in front of you at the airport check? I don’t think someone will really worry themselves because they won’t get things any smoother or quicker in a line as overwhelming as that. Yet I think we all should do our bit to make the cycle a little more successful. I always bring everything that I have in my pocket into my jacket while I fly. This means I just have to take the jacket off and pull the machine out and I’m done. I always take off the belt when it’s still in the line, which also takes a lot of time … Imagine someone spending a minute or two in the line that will be that much easier.

Loosing stuffs

I’m still afraid when I fly I’ll lose any of my things. My passport, phone, notebook and many more were taken while I was in London in 2008 getting drugged and struck by a driver. I have also backed all up with Dropbox ever since. I took new passport photos and luckily I have a snapshot of my Visa up there and my most relevant files (blog entries, site archive, images, and videos) are backed up. I just purchased a Dropbox Business Plan with more than 200 GB of room and it makes my life a lot simpler and stress-free!

Why do you think is the greatest stress on trips and how do you prevent them?


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