Coronavirus and worklife

Our lives are now nowhere the same as it was in pre-coronavirus period. Things are drastically changed these days and so our day to day tasks. If we compare our worklife, daily activities are now totally changed.

With the current situation, by no means, there is a surety that when the pandemic will end its presence and we get back to our normal life. Hence, now we have to adjust and make sure to go parallel with it.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the 6 important tips that will help you make working from home easily in the time of Covid19:

1) Stay updated with news related to Coronavirus

You better know that to fight with covid19, you need to be always updated with what’s going on in your area, city, nation, or in the whole world. You should stay updated with the latest news from

2) Use smart online meetings platform

Nowadays, most of the people around the globe have been shifted on remote work. Staying out of the office and being productive is a challenging task.

Hence, start to engage with the teammates online with any of the online meetings hosting software. In the market, you will see many options like:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Hangouts/Google Meet
  • Skype

and many more.

So, start using one.

3) Use Aira for online meeting transcription and meeting notes

For every successful meeting, you need to have meeting-related documents ready with you. There is a web-based app named as AIRA that can control all your online meetings and records your whole meetings. 

With this, it then generates an online meeting transcription to have a note of all your conversations in a writing note. 

Not only this, but AIRA can also generate automatic action items from those meeting transcriptions, helping you to have a next working plan.

It also sends you emails of your meeting notes automatically once the meeting is over. Hence, it is a much-needed software to organize all your online meetings.

4) Stay connected on social

While you are following social distancing in this pandemic to keep yourself and your families to be safe, you can too stay connected with your friends, followers, or your colleagues socially.

You must always stay connected socially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your friends. Watch engaging and funny videos to keep yourself cheerful all day. Share those videos or meme with your friends and join the laughter club.

Many tools are available online that will help you to download those videos from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so that you can share it among your connections and make them a reason for smile.

5) Organize your To-Do list

To manage all your work-life you must have a checklist of all the tasks you need to perform each day. Start creating a daily To-Do list to stay motivated and keep yourself in the loop.

A To-Do list should be created with below guiding steps:

  • First, select a medium – Start using an app to make the To-Do list
  • Create multiple lists – Start creating multiple lists so that you can have a better workflow on all the situations. You can also opt to write in different segments like a master list, weekly list, daily list and high-priority list as per your work schedule.
  • Keeping the list simple – Don’t make the list complex with large points. Just use small key-notes to understand it better.
  • Mark your MITs – Then you choose on what is your MIT (most important tasks) from all the list.
  • Include everything – While creating the list don’t forget to include all the essential points that will help you to do the task without any interruption.
  • Mention deadlines and time – Make sure you add deadlines for the very important tasks and also the time when you start/end any task.

6) Stay away from unnecessary phone calls

Getting distracted with unnecessary phone calls is the most common thing when you work from home. Keep your phone at silent or off-space if it is not so urgent. 


Staying motivated and cheerful while working from home in the pandemic is very essential to keep going on in this tough time. The above 6 tips will definitely help you to keep right on the track.