This has been particularly hard on me because I am a candidate for school board, so I am in the campaigning mode.  However, I have started campaigning Virtually as much as I can.  It is hard when you don’t know if all of the constituents will get a chance to see all of this!  I can’t go door to door anymore because I have learned first-hand that people seem to be afraid to open their doors.  I have placed literature outside of their mailboxes, but I am wondering with the Coronavirus scare will people even pick up the materials.  This will be a waste for me, being that these materials costs me.  What has been great for me recently, is that I signed up to do a Lunch Handout to children in my district that are without food and depend on lunches to get them through the day.  This is not only for my campaign,but how I feel about kids overall.  I would not want anyone to be without food—never!  I remember when I was small and my mother was separated from my father and how we had little to eat at time.  She worked as a housekeeper and would be gone for several hours.  We were home without food!  So, even if there is a scare with this Coronavirus, hopefully the children will still come out to eat that can, and we will drive to different locations of the kids to pass out lunches.

Here are a few great tips! First, think healthy and stay healthy by continually washing your hands! When you wash your hands, sing two verses of Twinkle Twinkle little star! This should be at least 30-40 seconds. Next, go out and help someone if you can! Find out what they need–especially the elderly or young! Pay it forward during these turbulent times and keep our country in prayer!