was just one short year ago when I shot the segment that I share below to be
aired on Fios 1 News, regarding healthy senior citizens. I was thrilled to use
my 85 year old mother as our healthy subject. We illustrated how she enabled
herself to age healthfully, and then sadly, within a year, we said our earthly good-byes
to mom. She passed peacefully and painlessly in February of 2018, after a short

Elena Swan, Psychic Medium, says “We are not attached to the physical body, and death is a graduation of spirit.” She teaches that our soul family is present to greet us when it’s our time. She states that the spirit of our loved one is always close by, and it is the human side of us that is devastated with the loss. She also claims that our departed loved ones want us to always care for ourselves. This is comforting and helpful when faced with loss.

mom believed, as I do, that it is vital to nurture your body. She watched what
she ate, she managed her weight, she visited doctors, she was healthy and
always stayed connected socially enjoying her time with her many friends and
large family–yet when she passed, my heart broke into a million pieces. What I
found important to my grieving was to remember her life and not her death, to
always remember to smile when I think of her, and to count the blessings in her
life and her passing.

I now feel so close to, yet so far from my mother. She always told me I am her mother, daughter, sister, and friend rolled into one person, and that’s a blessing!

Here are a few more:

  • I will live more days with my mom then without her.
  • I had a beautiful, loving relationship with her.
  • I held her as she took her last breath.
  • She is reunited with my dad.
  • I have many years worth of, “Margaret, I’m only saying this to you …,” as she would share her deep feelings, thoughts, and fears with me.
  • The last social outing she enjoyed was lunch with me.
  • I was loved unconditionally by the most incredible woman I know.
  • My children had a strong bond and shared all special moments of their lives with their grandmother.
  • I am a part of her and I am her extension in this world.

I found when counting blessings, they continue to multiply. Blessings will allow your smile to become stronger than your tears. Swan, who promotes healing during her Angel Readings on Facebook Live, and teaches meditation, says, “Trust in your blessings.”

I do not suggest that I can advise anyone how to grieve. Each death and relationship is different. Losing a loved one is a challenging trial of life, and learning to live without your loved one is painful. What I can suggest is that you protect and preserve your health.

  • Make the most of each day by focusing on the positive.
  • Tell the people you love that you love them. Tell them again!
  • Strive to make healthy choices, and care for your body with food, exercise, and sleep.
  • Choose healthy relationships.
  • Ask for help when needed.

Live a healthy and happy life, so when it’s your time, there will be little or no regrets and your loved ones will smile as they count their blessings.

Mom, I will love you every day of my life!  Love, Margaret