Courage 2020

2020 has been a tough year for the entire world. Thus, if it has left you heartbroken for any reason, then that is completely understandable. People have faced all sorts of hardships during the past six months. Further, how this year shall unfold ahead, no one can predict in any manner.

You may have lost your work and income, your relationships may have suffered, your opportunities may have vanished, your freedom to move has been curtailed, a strange sense of helplessness has been prevailing around and above all, your mind may have several confusing thoughts running amok.

Hence, in every way 2020 so far has been a year that has broken many hearts and dashed several hopes, while also leaving most people with several unanswered questions.

When shall this get over?

“How much more do we have to suffer?

Where to find a new direction?

What is this ‘new normal’?

This short write-up is an advertorial about a few unique services that can be extremely useful at this hour for anyone to heal themselves in a natural manner through their own effort.

As for my introduction, I am a Mumbai based meditation teacher. I have supported many students over the past few years to improve their respective situation. Now in 2020, I am teaching ONLINE using focused conversations

Each of these learning options shall help you build your strength, enhance your confidence and bring clarity to you about your existing situation. Therefore you can choose any of the following as per your background, interest and level of understanding.

Here is that list for your perusal:

Option 1:


Please note: I don’t give any sermons. Instead I teach using focused conversations.

Accordingly, in this learning program we shall discuss our various life experiences and then try to assess how best the teachings of Bhagvad Gita may be applied to those respective situations.

As a result, your direct take-away from this training shall be ideas of practical wisdom through which you can gradually transform yourself and reform your various life choices without much friction.

Interestingly, Arjuna too was suffering from a deeply emotional condition, when Sri Krishna had shared with him this eternal wisdom. Hence, Bhagvad Gita is always ideal to heal any sort of broken heart condition.

Option 2:


This learning program shall be suitable primarily for those who have some background of yoga or meditation. Here again we shall discuss our various yogic and meditative experiences and then try to observe connection of those experiences with the various teachings of the sacred scripture.

Our mission here shall be to understand ‘kaivalya’, meaning the distinctive meditative state of eternal freedom or self-realization, reaching which is the aim of every yogic effort and meditation.

Option 3:


This learning opportunity is equally relevant for those also who may have learned meditation somewhere before and then lost their practice for any reason. Therefore: Learn to revive your lost meditation.

You will get a daily homework under this program, which you shall have to complete at your end and revert with your feedback for discussion. In this manner the learning experience shall continue to evolve.

Option 4:

If any of the above learning options may not seem suitable for you then please don’t lose heart. This is because the best is yet to come.

I have helped many people through simple focused conversations to resolve their challenges and confusions of various types. You can read some of those student reviews on Google. The same service is open for you also. Therefore take advantage, call and learn.


Above all, we have to remember that these are extraordinary times and such times will have to be strategically managed. We have to keep our composure and make sure that we don’t lose our courage either. Thankfully, for all these purposes the science of spirituality offers several wonderful options.


Therefore, if you feel that you are in need of some kind of mental or emotional support at this hour due to any type of distress or any heartbreaking situation then please don’t hold back any further, instead call or write to me without any hesitation.

I guarantee that you won’t regret this interaction. Instead, every single session shall provide you with fresh vigor, perspective and insight into resolving whatever has been your problem or challenge.

Once again, read student reviews on Google.  

E-mail: puneet500 AT gmail DOT com


  • Puneet Srivastava

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    30M Meditation Classes, Mumbai

    Hello, I am Puneet Srivastava, Meditation Teacher and founder of 30M Meditation Classes. I teach practical application of spirituality for overcoming various challenges of life, experiencing bliss of meditation and achieving spiritual realization. Technically, I teach 4 forms of yoga namely, Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Karma Yoga (works), Raja Yoga (mind control) and Samkhya Yoga (knowledge). My personalized ONLINE sessions are a unique mix of focused discussions supported by songs, stories, simulation, games, exercises, examples & spiritual wisdom. They have brought excellent results for various categories of students across India, US & NZ. Read student reviews on Google to learn more. You are welcome to call or write to me directly to start learning. Email: puneet500 AT gmail dot com Thanks & Good Wishes.