May you live 2021 with fierce love, deep compassion, unshakeable serenity and courage of a sacred rebel of authenticity in your hearts.

May you embody your inner truths in your external world and may you consciously pause to assimilate your external experiences to intuitively ‘know’ the highest truths of your soul and full expression of those.

May you hold yourself in unconditional self-love and self-support to fill your own cup of love, without depleting your ‘mana’.

May you give freely to others from your cup that is unconditionally filled by the Universe through your conscious and total surrender that upholds your true indomitable inner strength.

May you rest in all short and long forms as you deeply listen to your bodies, and may you take right actions at the right time as your energy guides you.

May your inner feminine and masculine selves integrate and work in integrity, harmony and synergy.

May your presence light up the energy fields on Mother Earth to love, peace and abundance for each living being.