Roozbeh Aghaie Pour

Roozbeh ‘Bruce’ Aghaie pour is the managing partner of Europe’s largest talent company HR BOOKING alongside his brother Sivash. Together they operate the global business and continue to manage and help grow the careers of mainstream artists, DJs, celebrities and athletes. Talking about how the pandemic affected the music industry, Bruce shared, “We are now seeing the return of live shows with strict safety requirements. We are actually producing Tyga’s very first show since the pandemic. We previously toured him in Europe and Dubai which was very successful.

Roozbeh says, the pandemic came as an unexpected blow to the arts. Cinemas were shut down, music gigs went online and culture spaces had to reinvent how they would engage their audiences from a distance. There isn’t a business in the world that won’t change in some material way as a result of COVID-19. The music industry is no exception. Riding high on strong revenues leading into the pandemic, the coronavirus hit the music industry hard in March as streaming numbers declined and the live concert revenue stream was shuttered as a result of social distancing and quarantine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many important lessons and has changed our priorities in life said Roozbeh ‘Bruce’ Aghaie pour.

Roozbeh says while the world was already suffering from a silent pandemic named ‘cut-throat competition’, there were instances that demanded a dire need to rest and give time to our families. Although we were staying in the same house but there wasn’t really anything that felt ‘together and warm’. But seize the moment and realise, there are more happy times with family and friends today and we are experiencing care and love that was overdue and somewhere needed badly. We are grateful! 

Covid has taught us that the world is interconnected. We often think of each country as a separate entity and being very different from one another. Within a few months of the virus first being identified, the virus spread to nearly every country, and a global pandemic was declared. Despite the differences and distance between places, we are battling the same virus and having the same struggles. It’s a reminder of just how our world economy and society are interconnected on many levels, including supply chains, communications, technology, and travel said Roozbeh.

“Trust no Future, however pleasant!

Let the dead Past bury its dead!

Act, act in the living Present!

Heart within and God o’erhead!”

The question remains, will we choose to learn and implement these lessons an unsuspected tyranny taught us? Or will we continue to abuse and grow unsustainably to a point of no return? It may be a little too late to salvage the extent of the damage done, but we need to believe it’s better late than never. The world lives on hope. Let us all use this as a step towards sustainability, in our lives, in our minds, and our environment. So let us learn all that we can from the lessons being taught to us now he quoted.