Credits – To The Photographer 

The author perceives the image as a representation when human consciousness and Global or Universal Intelligence aligns, something magical starts to happen.

CoronaVirus – COVID-19  – Evolution of human consciousness 

Author’s Perspective Only

This is purely the author’s insights, perceptions, and needs of the hour. 

An outbreak that touched the nervous system of Mother Earth. Ironically impacting human species only. Why is that? Great question, let us see if we can go inwards and look for an answer. 

We have seen & experienced natural calamities across the Globe at various times that are mostly confined to Geo-location (s). As a human species, we have typically experienced possible outbreaks in various magnitudes as well. We have read and heard many times reasons that are both scientific and also at a conscious level.  

But, what we are experiencing now has shaken human fabric in a very unprecedented way. 

Human species, both at the intellectual level as well as Human collective conscious level are trying to find reasons and connections for the betterment of the future as well. Which is great.

Human species are extremely intelligent in finding the possible root cause at the intellectual level very quickly and prescribe remedial actions for now and as well prepare for the future. 

The question, Is that sufficient just to find answers at an intellectual level and address it? Or is there something we are missing to address at a different level?

Anything that happens to other living species (non-humans) at scale is a definite concern to us, but the question that arises ‘Is we as human species responsible for that as well?’.

When ‘humanity is under lockdown’, other living species are seen enjoying nature. Many pictures are being distributed that show every other living species seems to find their space. The author is not suggesting anything here, except to state a few facts. 

It’s an ironic statement to say it appears every other living species appears to have conspired to create an unprecedented challenge to the human species and communicate something. 

Strangely, it appears so.

Let’s do introspection

Honestly, we as humans are highly disconnected & divided inside in our thoughts causing an imbalance in the ecosystem of human consciousness. Every conflict within us is manifesting as external conflicts in the physical world as natural calamities, wars, violence, and now, pandemic. It does look very hard to perceive that individual internal conflicts can impact globally. But, the answer is ‘yes’.  

A simple example is, getting a call from a known person out of the blue that you were just thinking of. Have you ever wondered about it? It’s called Synchronicity’. 

When you are happy inside, the external world reflects the same, everyone you come across looks happy. When you are disturbed inside, the external world reflects the same. The external world is a reflection of the Internal world and this is a subjective reality. 

We as humans individually or collectively have the power to create a significant impact, be it constructive or destructive by responding or reacting to people, and situations.  

Ironically, we have been following “Social Distancing” internally for eons. We need to discover ourselves by becoming aware of how distanced we are internally and work to remove those barriers that we created internally dealing with people, situations and incidents. The day we become aware of the barriers, internal ‘social distancing’ will start to disappear. 

When the internal thought process that separates us from each other vanishes, we will be able to heal the human consciousness that creates a domino effect of healing families, towns, countries, and the Universe. In the last couple of sections, we will go over insights and learnings these challenging situations provided us.

Let me touch upon with a beautiful example of on ‘how collective consciousness flows’

The flow of Collective Intelligence

What this means in simple terms is, birds flying in ‘V’ shape in the sky can be defined as  ‘the perfect ecosystem of bird consciousness’. We can scientifically explain the phenomena of ‘V’, but birds do not have scientific understanding, they collectively communicate through Collective Intelligence that flows through them. Similarly, there are many examples, how certain species collectively travel long distances at certain times of the year to be in a certain place. 

It is amazing, maybe not, it simply tells us that the Universe is orchestrated in perfect harmony and synchronicity as long every living and non-living species are aligned with collective intelligence.  We can call that ‘Collective Orchestration’ as ‘Consciousness’.  

How Collective Consciousness or Intelligence responds

What we call ‘Miracles’ are the culmination and manifestation of human consciousness aligned with universal consciousness. Which in simple terms means, we are in sync with that ‘Collective Orchestration’.  If miracles need to become part and parcel of our lives, we just have to align ourselves with that ‘Orchestration’. Is this possible? the emphatic answer is ‘yes’ and then the next question is ‘how’. 

Everything we as humans are experiencing in the form of natural calamities, pandemics are simply the misalignment of human consciousness with that of ‘Collective orchestration’ or ‘Universal Consciousness’. 

Anything that we as humans accomplish, discover, invent where the foundation is very deep-rooted and we build on top of it is an example of alignment of human consciousness in the form of intelligence with that of universal consciousness. Such, ‘Alignments’ can only bring Joy & happiness to all the living and non-living species. This simply means, either knowingly or unknowingly with awareness or unawareness, there seems to be an alignment. 

Recognizing and acknowledging these alignments will help in creating a better world for all species. The interesting outcome will be, these alignments will increase, eventually leading to a better world.

That said, whenever we humans are misaligned internally, external imbalances are seen & experienced. Imbalances that start from an Individual, become an imbalance within a family, lead to an imbalance within the country(s) and affect globally.  

This is a simple equation, we are all connected energetically, problems & opportunities dependently arise and cease, whether you believe it or not. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Believing whatever that is happening inside four walls has no effect globally is only an intellectual understanding. Every individual by his/her action impacts Universal or Global Consciousness. 

Ironically, an internal thought can separate us from others or can connect us with others. It depends on us, how we perceive life challenges and respond to them.

The outcome of working together and aligning ourselves:

There are many in the creation that happen automatically, like seasons, blooming of flowers, falling of leaves, etc. The creation of humans and all other living species is in itself Miracle.  

When we humans species align with every other creation, human consciousness merges with a collective consciousness, making the entire creation very beautiful, we all collectively live in a state of harmony, healthy competition, every discovery & inventions find a place.

Existing Challenge in the Physical world

There is no iota of doubt that as mentioned above, we humans are going through an unprecedented time in the history of humans and are experiencing. The challenge has shaken up the human fabric and central nervous system. Every leader & every individual of every nation is taking all measures to control the pandemic and come out with solutions to address.  

The question is, are we free or protected from future challenges? no one knows and we can only predict saying, this challenge has taught us something. 

The fact is, unless we as humans evolve in our consciousness and align to universal intelligence, we will continue to face these challenges.  At the core humans need to introspect. 

Learnings from Challenges:

When humans look into history, every Invention and Discovery has a story behind it. The story could be related to a deep Insight (like Benzene structure) and or necessity to offer something to mankind. When humans are faced with challenges, we learn, improve, and invent towards the betterment of human existence. We are all aware of the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. As mentioned before, nothing exists in a vacuum.

What does it mean now:

Let me make an attempt to express my understanding in two different planes, physical and as well as the conscious level.

Conservation & Compassion

One can find different words for each letter, that is not the intent. 

On the Physical level, we are forced to learn how important it is to Conserve, Optimize and Value resources, In addition, Innovation & Discovery to deal with the challenge. Instead of wasting resources, we are taking a deep look at how we treat resources. 

Opportunity to  heal the Human Consciousness at the Individual level:

As we are all confined to physical space, we as individuals are learning to understand each other more intimately. Every family member is spending quality time with other family members (s). 

Everyone is trying to connect to the other, having a whole-hearted dinner conversation, teaching, playing, and many more wonderful activities. We are all learning to best utilize the time, space and resources.  There is no rush to run away or hide from conversations, connections, and bonding.

Best of Best within us is taking birth. Even if we are physically apart, technology helps us to stay together and be connected. Most likely, we are spending more time on social networking platforms and personal video conferences to bond, help & heal each other. We are expressing concern to each other. We as humans are designed to look after each other. 

Love, compassion, connectedness is healing our relationships inside out. As we feel very connected within us, we are energetically & physically spreading that in our community by offering help to others. People are greeting each other with a warm smile. We are finding time to connect and express deep affection, appreciation, and gratitude. There is positivity in human relationships. There is a desire to be free from the future challenges that are of this magnitude.

We are expressing our gratitude to all essential services that stretch themselves to help humanity as a whole. We are connecting all those who are bringing food to our table right from farmers. 

Time and space are provided to heal ourselves, dissolve inner conflicts and bring peace & harmony at the individual conscious level.  Take time to reflect on your individual reactions and responses and you will magically find ways to cleanse internally.

If we miss this window of opportunity that is given to us, “Though our lives outside may look normal, inside we are abnormal”, leading to a possible misalignment with universal consciousness.

The need of the Hour

As mentioned above, let us take the opportunity to learn & implement both at physical and also at conscious levels.  

The need of the hour that is presented to us is, Heal our inner nature, that heals us as an individual, that heals the family, heals the community, heals the city, heals the country, heals the globe and heals the human consciousness globally. When that happens we are fully and completely aligned with universal consciousness. 

The outcome is we all fly together in ‘V’ where intelligence just flows with no effort. 

Final Note:

When human consciousness goes astray, the Universe does respond in a way that allows us to learn and grow. After all, we are all part of the same universe that created us. As human consciousness is in the process of cleaning & healing, the Universe is helping itself to heal.

In all humbleness, the Author felt very passionate to communicate what emerged from the heart.  There is no intent to undermine what we are all going through. 

The only key we as humans have is in the evolution of human consciousness. 

The journey begins from an individual and cascade to the globe.

********** Evolution of Human Consciousness is the KEY ******