Corona Virus or COVID-19, a virus outbreak started from Wuhan, China is now a worldwide Pandemic. Who thought eating the flesh of a bat could result in this scenario. This outbreak is proof that we should not destroy this Mankind and if we try to do so, then the results are in front of you.
The world has survived many other pandemics also like SARS, Swine Flu, etc. but this virus is more dangerous. Why? Because although the death rate is not much high the transmission of this disease is very quick. With the fact that currently there’s no vaccine available for this virus, it’s more difficult to stop the spread of this virus.

In India, the first case of COVID-19 was reported on 30th January 2020. Everything was silent for one month. Throughout February Corona Virus was used only as a meme material or a hot topic for the media. Although many people warned India before its outbreak, we were not aware of what we are going to face tomorrow.
The real rise in cases started in March. On 4th March 2020, there were 28 cases reported in India. On 10th March, it hit 100 marks. India soon realized the threat and started spreading awareness among citizens, social distancing was encouraged, people started wearing masks, using sanitizer, etc. The numbers were increasing day by day and the health department was working on full force to recover patients. People were asked to stay in their house. Quarantine was the new word that India learned.
Finally, on 22nd March, the Government decided to impose a public curfew for 14 hours. The whole nation was asked to remain home during this period. The total cases were 360. The whole country showed support by staying at Home. But the very next day, the number of new cases was 108 making total cases 468. Many services like Flights, Metro, etc were closed. Major companies started giving work from home to their employees.
On 24th March, PM Modi imposed a 21-day Lockdown on the whole country. Every industry and production stopped except essential items like wheat, rice, etc and the medical industry. At the beginning of this Lockdown, total cases were 606. Strict actions were taken for violation of this lockdown. People spread awareness on social media including celebrities. Police, Medical staff and cleaning workers were the ones risking their lives by working day and night for the prevention of this disease.
One week later, even during the strict lockdown, the number of total cases reached 1,397. Many people were seen violating the lockdown. The news showed people organizing parties, meetings, etc infecting thousands of people. Another week later, on 7th April, total cases were 4,789. The death toll already crossed 100 on 5th April. At the end of this 21 day Lockdown, the total number of cases was 10,541. The death toll reached 358.
A study at Shiv Nadar University stated that India could have witnessed a surge of 31,000 cases of disease between March 24 and April 14 without lockdown. As PM Modi extended the lockdown till 3rd May, it’s a request for each and every citizen to stay at home. This is a long fight which we can’t win without each other’s support.

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This article is not to threaten anyone but to spread awareness of this deadly virus. It took only 45 days to reach 10 thousand cases in India. Even after Lockdown and other measures, total no. of cases doubled in the last 6 days.
For those people who still think that this disease can’t affect them or go out, there can be someone infected who just crossed your path. You can’t tell if someone is infected or not just by looking at them as major symptoms are visible after a few days only. And if you get affected, you’ll infect your family members and every person you’ll meet without any realization as you’re thinking I’m fit. So it’s a request for everyone, if not for yourself, for your family and every other citizen, please stay at home.
We will win.
And we will be free again.