Being alone does not necessarily mean having to face loneliness. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to slow down and introduced billions of people across the world into self-isolation and quarantine. Although our future following the pandemic remains unknown, many of us are finding comfort in seeking new and positive ways to reach out to others.

Virtual Connections

Now more than ever, we are putting a strong emphasis and value on the concept of togetherness, and virtual gatherings have become a substitute in both our personal and professional life. Companies all over the world have adapted to remote work using video chat platforms to stay connected and continue to foster team building and development. And on a personal level, we are experiencing celebrations like birthday parties and weddings on Zoom, participating in group video chats with family and friends, playing games and even engaging in virtual happy hours. 

Acts of Kindness 

Many of them are sending positive messages of hope and comfort. Earlier in March, one of the most viral sets of videos to circulate through social media platforms was hopeful clips of Italian citizens throughout the nation singing in unison from their balconies. It’s a truly beautiful example of others valuing their community and relationship with their neighbor. In light of the many challenges, individuals are carrying out acts of kindness to others at an unprecedented scale. On a local level, many people are making homemade masks, meals to frontline workers and vulnerable members of the community.

Let’s hope the positive experiences and collaborations we have seen during the pandemic continue into our future world.



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