Mental Health

Covid-19 has hit millions. Its impact has prevailed over every citizen. Every person is affected now. Be it the job sector, or family, the life of everyone is at peril but there is hope. We can’t ignore the fact that we are fully safe. For that precautions are a must. As per doctors’ opinion, everyone should be cautious about the precaution.

In the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen their unprecedented contribution. Not only Covid-19, but history has also been the witness of all the pandemic have ever happened to date. With utmost diligence, they have saved millions of lives. History would remember their contribution in every branch of its page. They are our doctors.

In these kinds of pandemics, we have seen their lives are the most demanding factor. They have been called the life savior. But doing this, their mental condition has also been affected the most. And we shouldn’t forget that. They also have family, personal life that is almost ruined. Because of the high demand for medicines & vaccines, pharma companies shares are on boom. The chemical companies also not exempt from this. Otherwise, it was impossible.

Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Healthcare Professionals

Because of the instant decision where to apply what or which departments should be shut down, the healthcare professionals have been under tremendous mental pressure. In every country, they have been facing huge mental challenges. One of the most important fears is the get affected by the disease while working. As they are the only savior, it’s very much possible for them to get affected. We have been aware of that.

Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and other workers have their families. They must always take precautions before going home. Because of them, their family could be in danger. Their silent work towards the patients is overwhelming. Without any protest, they are always dedicated to their work. These healthcare workers have to deal with others’ mental conditions as well while their mental condition is at stake.

There are various kinds of patients. Dealing with everyone gives different experiences. Another noteworthy mention would be the use of a PPT kit and mask all the time. Because of this, we have been accustomed to breathing issues. Can you imagine what they have to go through? Limited access to toilets and water result in dehydration. Without them, the existence of human beings would be at stake.

So, in this situation, it is clearly seen that the psychological condition of that healthcare personnel is high. According to a recent study, a high level of anxiety and stress disorder has been noted in China because of the Covid-19 treatment. From nurses to doctors, all have shown characteristics of psychological morbidity. Especially, the nurses are affected at large. Some of those attributes like the disruption of a routine check-up, loss of control, the subsequent fear of the potential effects of the health services, have been noted. These are some of the important attributes that are causing anxiety and depression among healthcare professionals.  

Depression has been the most notable impact of the pandemic. The effect has been over especially, older healthcare personnel. We are facing unexpected circumstances that should be dealt with together. As they are giving their utmost contribution, we should also be nice enough to them and the most important thing is to abide by the rules of the doctors. They don’t leave their job rather they are willingly giving their service to the patients. Their intense professionalism should be saluted.


I hope you have been aware of the fact that some measurements have been taken care of like cheering them on social by releasing a dance video. This is proof that they also need help at this time and this is why some playful activities inside the hospitals have been done. According to some research, psychiatric care should be provided after finding out the reason for their exhaustion and burning out. According to the research, the reason could be found in such a way as telepsychiatric consultations, online patient counseling, and mental health education. By providing the latter one, they can treat themselves at least for a certain time. While it’s difficult to find out the exact cure of this psychological impact, we should not lose trying. Everybody is more or less affected by the Covid-19 pandemic psychologically. Coping with the after pandemic lifestyle should be really taken care of. As we are heading towards a new era, helping out each other would be a wise choice.