World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. Most conversations in the mainstream media have been about deaths, intensive care ventilators, and quarantine. It is almost inevitable to slip into anxiety and depression.

Secondly, the routine has come to an abrupt halt. Schools are closed, parents are working from home, and traveling banned. Everybody is at home on mandatory isolation. Adjusting to this new lifestyle is not easy.

Moreover, the experts predict this pandemic will stay for a while. There is a fear of catching the virus and the uncertainty of the future. It is, therefore, easy to feel hopeless and anxious.

Follow the five tips  below to help you survive anxiety and depression during this uncertain time.

Avoid excess coverage of the pandemic.

It is essential to know what is happening globally. However, following up, every single development on the pandemic will trigger anxiety and depression. Limit yourself to a few news follow-ups per day, e.g., 30 minutes twice in a day.

Avoid doing excessive research on Covid-19. Resist the urge to google every sneeze or itch. However, if you must consult, look for credible sites that will give you facts. Some of the trustworthy sites include the WHO and CDC.

Have a routine

When you stay at home the whole week, it is easy to fall into a sluggish lifestyle. You can easily spend the day in front of a television in your pajamas. This lifestyle can lead to negative thinking resulting in anxiety and depression.

Try to maintain the regular routine as before. Sleep, wake up, eat, shower, and do your chores when you usually would. It will not only help to avoid anxiety but also make it easy for you to readjust when the lockdown is over.

In addition, having a routine reduces decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is the exhaustion that comes from having too many options. Instead of wondering whether to wash dishes, help kids with homework, or start work, a plan would help.

Maintain social contact with family and friends

Human beings are naturally social beings. Since the beginning of time, we live in groups. A conversation with a friend in your favorite joint would be the best to beat anxiety and depression right now. However, it is impossible, as we have to maintain social distance to avoid contracting the Coronavirus.

Luckily, with the presence of technology, there are many ways to keep InTouch with your friends and family. You can make phone calls, video calls, or reach them through social media.

Besides, you can have an actual conversation with your neighbors without putting your life or theirs in danger. You can speak to them over the fence or across the balcony, as witnessed in Italy.

Speak out

Speaking out is the first and the essential step beating anxiety and depression. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious. However, holding in emotions and feelings is harmful to your mental health.

Reach out to a friend who is close to you. A person who makes you feel safe and loved. A good listener who is compassionate and is not quick to judge. Let them know what you are going through.

Create a new ritual

Now that you have a lot of time on your hands, try to keep yourself busy. Find something special to do this season. You can engage in many activities. Make sure that you follow it religiously.

You can start journaling. Get a journal or an exercise book where you write down your thoughts and feelings daily. Writing down your feelings can help relieve anxiety and depression

You can also start an indoor exercise regime every morning or evening. In addition, you can decide to take a walk every day at a particular time of the day to catch fresh air.

Parting shot

The outbreak of Corona virus has brought fear, stress, anxiety, and even depression all over the world. We, however, need to stay calm. Do not obsess on things you have no control over. Take control of what you can. Take care of your health and, importantly, your mental health. Try your level best to beat anxiety and depression for your own sake.