Gary Saitowitz

During lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking for ways to keep aging parents engaged in a regular activity without having to leave home. Crafting can be one of the best solutions for older people. When they get to be hands-on with creative projects, their motor skills improve. Their stress and anxiety levels go down. There are plenty of ways for them to have fun away from the fears of contracting COVID, and away from the boredom of self-isolation. So, let’s explore what you can plan for them to get them involved instantly! Just make sure your activity based on the mobility needs of the person in mind.

Gary Saitowitz: What can seniors do to be in good spirits during the pandemic?

Pressed flowers

Bring them some flowers and have them place the flowers between sheets of wax paper. Keep a heavy book on the sheet to press the flowers down. Leave it overnight. When the flowers are flat, they can use them to make greeting cards, photo frames, coasters, etc.

Greeting cards

Homemade cards are always precious and potentially emotional gifts. When you create one, it can feel emotionally fulfilling. You can give your elders paper, fabric, ribbons, stickers, and other decorative items to make a holiday or birthday greeting card. They can do it for as long as they’d like. When their project is finished, they can experience the immense pleasure associated with completing a creative project.

Coloring books

According to Gary Saitowitz, even a simple activity can be useful for mental and physical health. You can buy coloring books for kids or adults. The choice is yours. If the person you are buying for is relatively mobile and fit, adult coloring books might be the right choice. They may find it relaxing and enjoyable. In stores, you can get coloring books with large prints. If eyesight is an issue, you can buy these for them.

Photo collage

You can give them albums to create a theme-based photo collage of their choice. Let them pick their favorite pictures and arrange them in an overlapping manner on canvas or wood. Such a project can consume a lot of their time as they are likely to reminisce about fond moments while scouring through images. Plus, the excitement of getting the project on a wall or in a cozy corner of the house can keep them entertained and happy.

All these activities are simple enough for anyone to do. There are many ideas for them to engage in so they don’t feel alone during this time of crisis. If they remain mentally and physically active, they will feel less stressed. These activities can give them a sense of purpose. If you are not with them in person, you can schedule video calls to ensure they spend their time crafting and to show them how to use the tools and activities you bought them. Display excitement when they finish a project and always motivate them to do more. Make them feel loved in any way you possibly can.