Well you can actually rewire your mind to send messages to your whole body to express the gene for patience! That is human power. Sheer awesomeness, right?? 

The role of genes in each of your cells is to combine amino acids to make proteins which are the building blocks of your very essence. YOUR LIFE.

Amino acids are bonded together by peptides together to form proteins.
Proteins are built from a set of only twenty amino acids, each of which has a unique design. These chemical groupings really contain the great power and mystery of human life!

As you understand your own behaviors, thoughts and feelings you see that they arise from certain beliefs you took on about yourself as a child, in utero and even further back through your ancestry. These beliefs have activated a certain gene expression through repeated messages from your DNA (which is where your genes live) to your brain until they became “your identity”. 
And with that you can then clearly see that you hold the amazing power to activate your DNA to express your greatest gifts. You have the ability to transmute any pattern that does not serve you in your greatest life. Your state of peak existence.

Here in this training video I share with you the amino acid responsible for the expression of your unique gift – specifically your ability to have patience. Your gift can also be expressed as a shadow if you are not aware or conscious of your choices. They can keep you stuck in the same patterns or free you to experience your greatness. Your soul! And I show you the organ it is related to as well.

Then I prescribe your workout based on supporting your transmutation. We are focusing on your gift of patience. In the shadow state you have been operating from impatience for years and it limits you. We are going to go in and do the inner work to support your enlightenment and go from an impatient nature to sharing your gift of patience with yourself, your loved ones and the world. The workout and the nutrition will further supplement this work and help you integrate the new frequency that you will be operating from. It will help nourish you so that you can maintain and sustain it. 

Think of it as post spa treatment maintenance. You have the blemished lifted. Then the skin needs to heal. Then you have a new regimen to care for the new skin growth to preserve it in its new radiance. The old way is no longer effective.

Your workouts and your nutrition are not so finely tied to your ongoing spiritual awakening. Your vessel needs to show up as the best container to hold your soul. Your mind shows up to support all of it because it sees this as the new normal. There is no danger to fear anymore. 

So the amino acid for patience is Threonine. Threonine is an essential amino acid which means we must get it from the foods we eat because our bodies do not produce them naturally. It helps maintain a healthy heart, liver, immunity, and central nervous system. 

It is governed by the sacral plexus. And is located within the energy center of the sacral chakra. Aaahh how’s the body, mind and spirit are so wonderfully connected. The sacral chakra is your core self and represents your ability to be confident and in control of your life.

Nutrition to boost your Threonine levels and nourish your sacral plexus.
Summer Squash

Genetic Workout To Support You Shifting Into the Gift of Patience:

Pranyana breathing 1-2 minutes 

Core Flow: 2 rounds 
Boat (with Pranyana for 5-6 breaths)
Plough (with Pranyana for 5-6 breaths)
Scissors 20
Russian Twists 20
Quadruped Torso twist 10 ea
Tornado chops 10 ea

Leg Matrix: 3 rounds of 10 each
Split Squats 
Curtsy lunges 
Lateral lunges 

Qigong Release:
Circle breath 60s ea
Nerve Glides

Rum 3x
Om 3x

Watch the full training video here for a “follow-along” workout. And send me an email [email protected] if you want a copy of fun recipes using foods that nourish your Sacral Plexus and balance Threonine…for MORE PATIENCE.