Work From Home

Today, the once traditional 9 to 5 office job is changing rapidly. People are either making the decision to run their own business from home or they choose to work for companies that offer remote work options. 

Whether you run a business from home or have the ability to work from home, having a professional space that’s free of distractions is essential. This extends beyond your workspace and into the home itself. Doing so helps reduce stress while increasing peace-of-mind.

A Desirable Location 

Ideally, when you work from home, you should have a room dedicated just for that purpose, with a door that closes to shut out distractions. Unfortunately, not many people have the luxury of a room sitting dormant and just waiting for their arrival. The good news is that there are ways to work with the existing interior of your home and create a space that works. 

Using the Bedroom 

If you have a large bedroom, you can easily re-organize the room to accommodate your needs. Clear out a portion of the space big enough for you to set up a desk that’s large enough to hold standard equipment such as a computer, printer and reference materials, while leaving ample space left over to work. You may also want to partition off the workspace tastefully with a lovely free-standing divider that hides the rest of the room from view. 

While redoing the space, take advantage of the opportunity to change up the look with fall bedding that embraces the warmth of the upcoming season. 

A Window View 

Working in a cubby against the wall may block out distractions, however, it can also cause you to feel trapped and alone. Some people don’t take that into consideration ahead of leaving their job. When you work from home, in most cases, you are alone. The kids are at school and your spouse is working outside the home. Sometimes simple changes can give your spirits a needed lift, such as facing the desk so that you have a window view. Another way to avoid the isolated feeling is to play music, preferably classical and instrumental music. It’s soothing and helps to fill the void. 

Setting the Clock 

You left your 9 to 5-day job to have the freedom to come and go as you please. However, you still need to put in the hours required to earn a comfortable living. This is why it’s important to your mental health to create a schedule that works for you. You don’t have to rise at 5:30 A.M. to catch a train or bus, but you do need to live by a clock. A set schedule and routine will keep you focused. You can still have benefits such as giving yourself an afternoon off, hassle-free, for your child’s school play. 

Break Often 

Part of the problem with a typical desk job is that you sit for too many hours. This causes the mid-day slack-off and can harm your health too. Since you are the boss, make an effort to take breaks in the morning and in the afternoon. Take at least a 45-minute lunch away from your desk. This will give you a chance to stretch, go outdoors and take in the fresh air and experience the positive aspects of working from home. 

Shower and Dress 

You may have heard some people brag about actually working in their pajamas while at home. The truth is, if you don’t dress, you don’t really make enough of an effort. You will put the time in, but not work as hard as if you wore clothing that helps you feel like you’re at work. Getting into a routine, as mentioned earlier, includes showering and dressing for the occasion. You’ll see the results when you make more money. 

As more people make the decision to work from home, life will continue to change for the better. You won’t have to miss important events, you can schedule a vacation at will, and you can enjoy the ability to make as much as you desire.