There is nothing I love more that the process of creating a powerful story that will bring resonance and support to the hearts and consciousnesses of many others.

As part of my interview series on the five things you need to know to become a great author, I had the pleasure of interviewing Claudia Navone. 

Born in Florence, Claudia spent her career working for illustrious publications such as ElleThe Sunday Timesand Harper’s Bazaar. Following a spontaneous and powerful Spiritual Awakening, she left fashion behind to follow a new path. She divides her time between Florence, London, and Ibiza and travels extensively as a mentor and teacher of the Divine University.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you share a story about what brought you to this particular career path?

Since I was a child I loved reading books. I discovered through the pages of novels and tales endless new worlds that inspired and shaped my mind and spirit in so many new ways…

During my school days, the process of writing, of expressing myself through words caught me as wild fire and keeping a diary became an early obsession.

But another form of creative expression ~ dancing~ soon took me away from my passion of writing as all of my energy was then focused on learning to be a ballerina.

In my earlier twenties, when suddenly I stopped dancing, my love of writing was resurrected and to be able to write a book became a dream of mine but my lack of confidence prevented me from accomplishing my heart’s desire.

Once again destiny took me on a different path. I entered the fashion magazine world and became instead a Fashion Editor of several well known international publications. My work was visual and my dream of being a writer was put on hold for another twenty years.

It was only after my Spiritual Awakening when, out of nowhere, I received divine inspiration to write my first book, The Shapeshifter, to support the consciousness and heart opening of humanity, fulfilling at last my dreaming of becoming an author. When you shift your consciousness and learn to expand your awareness, you are not bound anymore by self imposed limitations and you can create what you were unable to do beforehand. The message I am giving to my future readers is extremely positive and shows how we are all equal and all capable of so much…. Much more then we can possibly imagine…

Can you share the most interesting story that occurred to you in the course of your career?

My career as an author is only just starting. At present, the most interesting story, is the one I am telling in my book…

As a teacher of consciousness and writer, I am looking forward to share my personal life adventures with as many people as possible, giving hope and possibly a deeper understanding of our existence through the spiritual prospective which is a different prospective from the one we are accustom to on Planet Earth. Most of us, see life in 3D, forgetting about the spiritual world and that we are also spiritual beings contained in a physical body. My deepest dream is exactly this; to help everyone to begin to see themselves and their own life in a new way.

The profound change I have experienced eventually led me to a reality I love and cherish and I do wish the same for many others as it can be done. I see myself as a messenger that brings very good news…

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

The funniest mistake, or in my case mistakes, were the ones involving my almost inexistent computers skills. I used to have a real aversion to technology that was definitely cured by the process or writing my first book on screen. Nowadays I am forever grateful to my computer and often wonder how did authors manage before. Also English is not my first language but because of technology I received so much extra support with spelling etc. Through this new experience, I learned that often we harshly judge what we don’t know because of fear. And to loose the fear is a big part of our spiritual transformation. So if we care to learn and to be open minded towards what we may fear the most, we shall always receive back some very precious gifts.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now?

At some stage during the summer, I will start to birth my next book. I have a sense about it but not all details are yet revealed…I am super exited to bring my second book in full manifestation as there is nothing I love more that the process of creating a powerful story that will bring resonance and support to the hearts and consciousnesses of many others. The purpose of the next book is also to activate spiritual awakening. We are in a very special time for humanity in which so many of the old paradigms are dissolving and much that was hidden before is now coming up into the light. Superficially, it may all look very negative but it is in fact simply a great clearing process of the collective consciousness of humanity that eventually will lead us towards a much brighter future.

Others exciting projects are related to teachings in new places around the world and meeting each time new beautiful beings that are wishing to transform and spiritually grow.

Both the USA and South America are on the cards….

What is the one habit you believe contributed the most to you becoming a great writer?

Discipline for sure…I imagine that it could be even harder to write a book without being disciplined. I learned about discipline when I was training as a young dancer and it was tough at times, but now I am immensely grateful that I was given this specific learning. Again when I embraced spiritual transformation I applied great discipline to good results. And I could not live the life I created for myself without continuing to follow discipline.

Power of creation is equally important, as the mind and heart need to be let free to flow into the creation process with no fears….to write your own book is also a very personal experience and you can only hope that it will be received by others with an open heart. I believe all books are important. We are so many on this planet and every book is written for the consciousness of someone that is here now. To read is important, as it does bring us knowledge, helping us to grow and evolve in the most perfect way for each one of us.

Can you share the most interesting story that you shared in your book?

My first book is my story but in the story there are many different chapters and I am letting the readers decide which one they will prefer, as from my point of view they are all equally important. One is not more interesting or better then the other but together they create the tale of how I shape shifted both myself and my reality in a very unique way. We are all unique in our own light, qualities and gifts and we all equally carry the power of transformation.

What is the main empowering lesson you want your readers to take away after finishing your book?

The book was written for exactly the purpose of empowering others and the big message is that we are all Shapeshifters and potent creators. If I did it, others can do it too…. as spiritual beings we are immensely powerful and our heart must open in order to show us our own beauty, the beauty of others and of the Earth and everything in it. We are as well supported by the Worlds of Light, the Spiritual Worlds, and to develop faith and trust that we are not alone will help us so much to navigate our journey on Earth. The mysteries to be discovered are many and the spiritual truth is open to be revealed to anyone that is ready to expand their consciousness right now.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your journey to becoming a bestselling author? How did you overcome it? Can you share a story about that that other aspiring writers can learn from?

I hope to become a bestselling author, to reach and support many. The Shapeshifter is only my first book coming out on the 16 April.

Saying this, to have my first book published by a top agent like Bill Gladstone was definitely a step in the right direction.

What I can share is that it is the content of the story and the message in it that will help you to catch the attention of agents and publishers out there. Your own special point of view that will be touching others…I guess it is like alchemy that can be felt by heart and mind but otherwise it is indescribable as it is personal and unique to each one of you.

Which literature do you draw inspiration from? Why?

In the past, I loved books that contained magic. Paulo Coelho was very much top of my list. These days sadly I cannot read much because my consciousness needs to be crystal clear in order to write my own books without being influenced by others.

But so many were the great writers that through the years utterly inspired me and I have a lot of gratitude towards all of them… from Italo Calvino to Tolstoy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende…. the list is endless…

How do you think your writing makes an impact in the world?

My dream is that my book will reach many around the world so they may discover more about themselves through what I write. To give hope and to impact on the consciousness and hearts of others is my mission.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming an author like you?

Believe in yourself and what you may contribute to this world!!! Don’t hold yourself back!!

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.

In truth I am happy that no one told me much about it apart from receiving guidance from my Higher Consciousness. I discovered many things by simply doing it. One piece of advice I can share with all of you is to follow your heart, leaving behind the chattering of your mind that may tell you that you cannot do it, that no one will be interested in what you have to say and all the negativity that comes with it. If your dream is to write a book do it instead of just thinking about it…the key is in the action and not in something limited within your own thoughts. The inability to express yourself will lead you only towards frustrations. To express yourself is indeed so important and this can only be done if you listen to your own heart.

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be?

I am already part of a worldwide movement that brings shift of consciousness to humanity through spiritual transformation.

Our movement is a movement of Love&Light that support the activation of consciousness awareness in every one that is ready to receive it. I am a Mentor and Teacher of the Divine University and if you wish to find out more and joining our movement, you can simply log in to and receive your free membership and many more gifts and understandings.

I hope that my first book will inspire all of you to embrace the magnificent being that you are!!!

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Thank you so much for this. This was very inspiring!


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