You know that feeling when you “click” with someone?  It feels like a spark of energy that lifts you up.  And that energy builds on itself making for a real connection between you and the other person.

The good news is we can maintain positive connections and create better relationships with loved ones and those around us by doing these 3 things every day.

1.        Learn before you judge.

It’s super easy to judge others.  And let’s face it – it distracts us from focusing on our own life circumstances.

But there is always something to learn from someone who has different experiences and perspectives. So, when you feel yourself start to judge or criticize, choose to learn one new thing from the other person.

2. Prioritize the relationship over being right.

In our relationships, it’s common to take the other’s actions, behavior, or words personally.  But the truth is that things other people say and do rarely if ever, have anything to do with you.  It’s a reflection of their own experiences, perspectives, and beliefs.

Once we recognize this truth, it can be much easier to let go of needing to be right.  And instead, choose to make the relationship more important.   You can then be free to choose actions that make the relationship stronger.

3.        Tee up your mindset.

No doubt about it.  When you interact with others from a positive mindset, the possibilities are endless.  The idea is to get yourself into what Tony Robbins calls a “peak state.”  You might also take a cue from these powerful routines that several successful entrepreneurs swear by to up their game each day.

Ultimately, and according to Robbins, the ability to control your emotions is essential to improving your relationships.  When you’re in charge of your mindset, you can listen with understanding and what the other person needs.

And when we communicate with a real understanding of another’s viewpoint, with genuine curiosity, respect, and compassion, our personal relationships will become stronger and more rewarding.

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