Create More Wealth

Dreaming big requires financing. How do we pay for our ambitions and desires? Achieving true prosperity means that we find a way to focus; spring into action, and appreciate the beauty around us, however, it makes itself known. The more we have grace and acceptance in our lives, the more appreciation we show, the better our lives will be.

You’re probably consciously aware of the money you have in your bank account at a numerical level, but have you ever thought about the relationship you have with money? Because more than anything – more than our income, our financial status, or our habits around saving… it’s our relationship with money and abundance that determines the amount of wealth we bring into our lives. And remember that abundance applies to far more than just money. When your connection with abundance is unblocked, you allow a massive inflow of love, creativity, inspiration, and endless new possibilities into your life.

What beliefs around money did you pick up as a child? 

Your relationship with money very likely comes from beliefs and patterns you picked up in childhood, likely from your parents or society. Beliefs like:

Money doesn’t grow on trees


Being rich must mean you’re greedy

linger in our consciousness, affecting the way we’re able to create wealth later in life.

The subtle ways that these beliefs and paradigms affect us as we grow and mature can be quite detrimental as we seek to create more prosperity through our work. You may reach a point that feels like a ceiling or block you just can’t seem to overcome, and this is where it’s necessary to step outside of the physical struggle for wealth and heal your subconscious mindset.

Here are 5 ways you can begin to break through money blocks:

Reframe Your Definition of Money

            The important thing to know is that money is just a form of energetic currency that supports you in creating freedom for your life. When your relationship with money is free and unblocked, then abundance and creativity will flow freely and your possibilities for creating wealth will be nearly endless.

Unpack your past relationship with money

            On the other side, if your connection with money is fearful, desperate, and stressed, all of your good intentions and efforts may be wasted, as the underlying energetic flow and connection with abundance will be blocked. When you approach money as simply another form of energy flowing through the world, it’s easier to step back from the triggering context it often brings up.

            Imagine you’ve just started dating someone who you’re pretty interested in, and could even imagine building a future with. All of a sudden, that person becomes utterly clingy and needy, obsessed with your every move and unable to spend a moment without you. Chances are, you’ll be running the other way – fast. Well, the same goes for your relationship with money! When you chase wealth with a desperate need, it will always elude your grasp. But when you honor and appreciate its presence in your life, and create the space for money to flow in without needy attachment, you’ll start to experience much more positive, wealthy results. It’s all about the quality of your connection.

Start with the end in mind: What outcome do you want?

            Once you’ve identified that your relationship with money isn’t producing ideal results in your life and bank account, it’s time to make a conscious change. Only through intentionally shifting your inner beliefs and mindset, will you be able to create the tangible outcomes you desire.

            Sit down and take some time to journal about your values; that is, what are the things which are most important for your life to be in alignment. Examples of values might be honestycreative expressionmeaningful connections, abundance, and making a difference.

Identify Conflicting Beliefs about Money

            Often, we unconsciously hold conflicting values which create blockages or negative beliefs around money. These may go back to our years as children or young adults, and the beliefs we learned from our family or from society. Working out these conflicts and getting clear on what you personally value (especially around money) will give you a roadmap for making decisions that support an abundant flow in your life.

Practice Gratitude

            We need to also practice gratitude. Money is energy, it responds acutely to how much we notice and pay attention to its presence in our lives. Remember: neediness repels what we want! But appreciation and desire combined with non-attachment are two keys to creating more wealth in a sustainable way. Practice being truly grateful for even the most nominal amount of money coming in, even if that’s finding a quarter on the floor.

            Start to honor the presence of money in your life and space, recognizing the freedom and opportunity it creates for you on a daily basis. Celebrate every dollar that comes in. When you write checks or pay bills, send them with a blessing and gratitude for the services received. It might sound a bit bonkers, but this energetic currency truly will respond to your attention and gratitude. As a bonus, scientific studies have shown that people who regularly practice gratitude are happier and more present than those who don’t – so this new habit will undoubtedly have multiple positive effects for your life (and wallet.)

In order for your outer world to represent the wealth and abundance you desire, you must first create a shift in your inner world through acknowledging the areas you want to change, envisioning what that change will look like, and taking action towards the new life you are creating.

For more information on connection and how you can start a movement in your life through creating powerful shifts, you can grab a free chapter of my book The Connection Challenge here.