After a fabulous healing recovery from my injury people would say I was lucky. I agreed, but so much time went into creating a lot of that luck. I realized people don’t know YOU create your luck.

My Story-coma survivor


I realized, people just see the successful side of luck not the hard work that goes into creating it. I created luck in my recovery, and I also created luck as a professional skier.

With any kind of professional athlete, people just see the success. They see the places you go, the open bars, awesome music acts, they see the high life you are living but not the frozen toes, bruised hips, bloody noses, torn ligaments and broken bones.

The same is true for recovery from my injury. People would see the results but not how much time, effort and creative problem solving went into creating that luck. There are a lot of people who believe luck is for a select few, not for them. They think of luck as external factors they have no control of. Read this article to learn how YOU create your own luck.

  1. Set obtainable goals you can accomplish
  2. Believe in miracles
  3. Look at every struggle with a growth mindset

Set obtainable goals you can accomplish

Shortly after my mind came back after my accident I knew I wanted to get back to living an adventurous life, but at that time I couldn’t walk up stairs by myself. Instead of focusing on end result goals I broke it down and set little goals I could accomplish every day. For example, think honestly about your current state. At that time I couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs. So my goal was to improve on the stairs by practicing every day. My goal was NOT to backcountry ski in the wilderness. Even if that’s the end goal, don’t focus on it. Focus on goals you can accomplish. By the time I left the hospital I could run up 12 flights of stairs in 3:23 seconds. Successful results are created by focusing on setting little obtainable goals you can accomplish.

“The future is never promised the way you expect, so live in the present moment.”- Jamie MoCrazy

Believe in miracles

Your mindset creates your opportunities. If you believe bad luck happens to you, bad luck will always happen to you. If you believe in miracles you open the door for positive things to happen. A reason why belief defines your opportunities is that you create your surroundings. Your surrounding create your miracles. For a lot of people, the belief in miracles coincides with a religious or spiritual belief. Any belief that opens you to receiving miracles is good-keep believing and let miracles flow!

#FateLovestheFearless believe in miracles

Look at every struggle with a growth mindset

There are two ways you can look at every experience in life; through a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. A mindset is the beliefs you hold about yourself. With a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities are permanent facts. With a growth mindset, people believe their basic qualities can be developed through hard work. How you chose to look at every struggle in your life defines the result you will get from that struggle. If I looked at my inability to move my right arm as a permanent defect, I would treat it like it was permanent, and it would become permanent. Look at what you can learn, change and how to grow from every struggle in your life.

Mindset, the new physiology of success

I set everything correct up but failed

What happens if I set little goals, believe that I deserve the miracle, and I look at all my experiences with a growth mindset but what I want still doesn’t happen?

That idea affected me recently. I really wanted to be the student commencement speaker at my graduation. I spent hours working on my speech. I knew it was a good speech, and I believed the speech would be such an inspirational closure to the chapter of my life called college. I did not get asked to give the speech. I was devastated, crushed, and immediately started crying. First thought was I didn’t want to go to graduation, I was really mad at my school, and I would NEVER be a commencement speaker. I felt being denied to be the student speaker negated my whole college experience.

I had the choice to look at this experience with a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Often you can’t control what happens to you, but you can always control the way you respond. That is how you create long term luck.

Create your own luck

If you set obtainable goals, believe in miracles and look at every struggle with a growth mindset you will create luck in your life. You will still encounter bumps in the road, but keep walking and you will reach the most beautiful view. You can create your own luck.

Jamie “MoCrazy”

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