Connecting with the world through coloring and creativity

“It’s not just a coloring book,” Desireé said, her voice exuding excitement through the phone. “I want others to get inspired,” she said. “I want artists of all sorts to take my book, and turn it into their creation that can help them build the foundation they need to get realistic with their present and future planning”. Creativity is key to living fulfilled lives but where do we start? Being able to “think it” is so different from getting realistic and taking action. Many times, artists and makeup artists do not have the time to sit down and draw up an “action plan”. Their minds are coming up with millions (well, ok, hundreds) of ideas, with hopes to grab on and remember at least a few. “Create Your Own Makeup Image: An Artistic Journal”, by Desireé Delia helps with that and more.

The book is a compilation of images, each picked by Desireé. Desireé’s aim is to help others ignite their creative sparks, to keep the candle burning and to make it all reality. Her goal is to connect and collaborate with makeup artists and people around the world. So far, it has been working. She has received colored images from London, Germany, Shanghai, Mexico, New York City, Australia, Cuba, France, Argentina and more. Moreover, Desireé’s book not only targets adults, but also gives children the opportunity to express themselves through coloring. Coloring assists with several different developmental stages and creative independence. “Create Your Own Makeup Image: An Artistic Journal” helps relieve stress. According to the Global Healing Center, coloring assists in mental wellness, aiming to reduce stress. Colors like yellow lifts the spirits and green releases feelings of restfulness and peace. Coloring activates two cerebral hemispheres of the brain that helps with logic and creativity. It is definitely a relaxation technique. Desireé’s book is the hand that reaches into an artist’s mind and says, “Make it reality”. It inspires the already creative nature of a human, allowing them to feel free, to visualize quickly on paper and to bring color, rareness and ongoing ideas to life.

Pictured: Desireé Delia


  • Dasha Ilazarova


    Just a regular human working to inspire others to take care of themselves. Her philosophy is that you don’t have to be perfect, live the perfect life or be “happy” every day to find growth. Growth is found within the days that are hard too. Learning to move forward from her personal hardships, Dasha has been making it a mission to help and inspire others to accept themselves so that they can grow with confidence while focusing on emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.