how to make a sacred space

I am a simple man that likes self discipline. It basically means that I can do things I don’t want to do, in order to achieve results I normally wouldn’t be able to achieve.

This simple ability made it possible for me to exercise regularly, take care of my family and household, cook, work, and maintain my social life. However, this is not an easy thing to do, even though I make it look like it is.

That is why, sometimes, I need to find some inner peace, relax, and just spend time in the loneliness of my room. That is where I “charge my batteries”, dwell on the past, make new plans, read books, watch movies, and pray.

And maybe I am a little bit of introvert however, that is not the thing that’s pushing me to that peaceful corner of my home. I need that “alone time” to clear my mind. I am sure that I am not the only one.

The Sacred Space

In order to heal yourself from the everyday life and to grow spiritually – you need to change the vibrations in your body, cherish love, and think positively. That is why you need that personal space we call “sacred space”. The sacred space is going to help you replenish all the energy you need to carry on with your daily routine.

The problem with your inner peace actually lies in the design of your home. That is the place in which you spend the most of your time and that is why you need to have a corner where you can go to connect with yourself and the Earth. It is as important as any other room in your home.

How to Choose the Right Place for This?

This doesn’t need to be a separate room either. That is just a matter of building a specific area to the rejuvenation of your spirit. For some, this even means creating a sacred altar, while for others it might just be a meditation pillow in a calm and peaceful area of your home, or some special spot outside that feels peaceful to you.

That’s a place for prayers, meditation, or whatever healing work that you need. Over time, your mind feels soothed at the moment you enter that space because it subconsciously sees it as a space of relief.

You can organize that space with all kinds of relics, sacred objects or crystals that will automatically activate that feeling of calmness.

Designing Your Sacred Space

When you start designing this special place for your healing process you should consider all your senses. That place should be a spot in your house which is free of any distractions. You should turn off your phone and close the doors so no one could bother you while you are trying to focus on yourself.

You need to find out what helps you feel calm and at peace. Every person is different. You can convert an attic or a guest room, or simply create a seat in your living area. You can also fill it up with some items that are important for you to have in such a place.

For me, those items are:

Yoga Mat and Other Props

You should choose a yoga mat that fits all your needs. If a yoga mat is too thin, certain poses may be hard on your legs. If a mat is too thick, it will be difficult to hold a pose and maintain a good balance.

Besides that, you should also choose props like blocks, straps, and bolsters. If you don’t have or don’t want such props then you could use books, pillows, and blankets.

Essential Oils

The Holistic Healing Effects of Flower Therapy

This thing can completely transform the energy of the space and of our minds. Who doesn’t like a good perfume? It can help you focus and relax.

Frankincense oil will help you calm and center your mind, promote spiritual awareness, and bring that inner peace that is necessary for meditation. It will also calm the nightmares and boost up your immune system.

Lavender and bergamot oils are calming, stress relieving, and as such a good sleep promoter. It could help with insomnia.

Lemon and grapefruit are good to infuse the energy and bring brightness.

A Water Bottle

This is a no-brainer. You absolutely need to hydrate yourself. You can add mint or cucumbers to make it even better.


flowers feng shui

Did you know that flowers trigger dopamine? Yeah, I hadn’t been aware of that until I decided to send some flowers by post. First I had to choose the flowers I wanted to send. I went to a shop that send flowers and girl that worked there turned out to be my high school friend.

That was a very warm feeling. We went through everything that had happened in the last 10 years and in the middle of that conversation I mentioned meditation and how it was helping me overcome my fears. That’s when she started talking about dopamine and oxytocin.

Allegedly, we feel a sudden surge of dopamine because we expect a reward. In the past, flowers marked the beginning of abundance after a hungry winter, and today, as a result, we feel that something special is coming. Even the color variety makes us feel good.

Oxytocin, on the other hand creates a nice feeling of social trust (romantic love, maternal love, group solidarity, etc.).

That is how flowers help, and that is why it feels so good to have them in your room, especially around your “sacred place”.

Sheepskin Rug

Some Yoga practitioners like Yoga Bhajan recommended the sheepskin for meditation. It supposedly creates insulation between the yogi and the magnetic pull of the Earth.

Some people claim that this sort of insulation enabled them to experience a deeper state of connection to their Self and the Universe, compared to a sticky mat or a cushion.


You can make these altars using things like statues of deities, feathers, all sorts of crystals and important items. This should be a small space dedicated to your practice if you don’t have a location that is big enough. Just collect some items that can inspire you and put them on a bookshelf or a working desk.


This is a place for all your inspirational books. You want to relax? Just pick a book from that shelf and relax.

Deity or Buddha Statues

These statues should remind you of humility, kindness, gratefulness and acceptance. Every time you feel drained, frustrated or angry, you just need to look at those statues and everything will be fine.

Bottom-line is that we all need to find peace. Those who fail to do so will probably have to face anxiety or some other issues.

There is a number of different ways to achieve that peace. Some do that with regular exercises, other with meditation and yoga, and there are those that seek peace in nature and travel. It doesn’t matter if you choose one of those or all of them, just do it.