Creating the Perfect Resume - Richard Carr, Bournemouth

There is a lot of competition in the job market, and resumes are the most important way to stand out in applicants’ crowded field. They are designed to tell employers the most important things about an applicant in a simple one-page document.

But crafting a resume that stands out can be difficult. There are many sites and resources out there for job seekers to use, and it can get confusing.

Here are three simple tips for creating a good resume.

Put Important Information at the Top

Recruiters and hiring personnel are flooded with many applications for few openings. They do not have the time to sift through every element of each resume.

That is why it is extremely important to put relevant information at the top of a resume. Sentences should be brief and use powerful language that is easy to understand.

Focus on Keywords

In the Qualifications portion of a job posting, employers detail what they are searching for. These are the keywords that they will be looking to see on a resume.

Using these keywords will help to hire personnel to see that an applicant fits the job description easily. Also, many companies use screening software that will filter out applicants who don’t have these keywords in their resumes.

A Unique Resume for Each Posting

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a job. In addition to searching through listings, there is the time required to write a personalized cover letter and complete all of the application sections. Many job-seekers will then send the same resume to all of the employers.

But each employer is unique. Even employers in the same industry might have different ideas of what the perfect applicant is. Using a custom resume for each employer will ensure that the most relevant information to that employer will be present and easy to locate.

While this might seem excessive, many applicants will save different versions of their resumes and choose the version that is the best fit for the application.

It can be hard to stand out, but a strong resume will help applicants get the job they are searching for.