Are you wanting to start a new business venture, or currently making a reasonable amount each month from your coaching business, but wanting more? Sometimes it can seem like the only option for success is advertising. Advertising, however, is not a sure-fire recipe for success and it can become very costly, especially if your ads are not crafted correctly. Thankfully, there is another pathway to being successful, and making lots of money from it. 

A former life coach, Isabella Sanchez had a social media following of 33,000 in 2016. Whilst her audience was very engaged in the content and value she was providing, leading her to win multiple awards in her field, she was making barely any money however. All because she hadn’t yet learned how to turn her passion and experience into an income stream.

There are so many coaches out there with so much knowledge and experience, struggling to make their business successful. Despite being experts in their fields, it’s the knowledge of how to market their knowledge and create their dream lifestyle that they require.

Lacking this knowledge prompted Isabella to work with a business coach, and she has never looked back since. “Working with a coach showed me the importance of positioning, and being seen as an authority figure within a particular niche,” she says.

Knowing first-hand the power of working with a coach to scale your business up to six-figures, Isabella is passionate about helping other young women to do the same.

She now operates as a business coach, using her knowledge and experience to teach other women how to make high ticket sales with a smaller audience. “I’ve learned that it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about the numbers in your bank account, and the number of lives you can change,” says Isabella, “I want to empower women to live the life of their dreams, have freedom of choice to do what they want, when they want, but without the drama that can involve.’

What Isabella also teaches her clients is that having a six-figure business does not mean sacrificing your personal life. Drawing upon her experience as a life coach, Isabella also implements these teachings to aid her client’s success in all other areas or their lives, be it relationships, wellness, money or mindset.

Isabella’s latest endeavor, The Abundant Coach Blueprint, is launching this month. The Abundant Coach Blueprint is her signature program for life, mindset, and wellness coaches who want to sign high-ticket clients with a small audience.

Within this program, Isabella teaches you the step-by-step system to stand out online and consistently sign high-paying clients on social media.

The most successful entrepreneurs work as mentors to aid their businesses and boost their success. You too can join their ranks by working with an award-winning coach like Isabella Sanchez.