Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Traditionally, these are found in the form of the new gym memberships, personal development hype and ‘Dry January’ are all common things found while scrolling on social media this time of year.

These are a combination of both goals and intentions that set the tone and pace for the next 365 days.

You may be wondering exactly what is the difference between setting a goal versus an intention? Are these not the exact same?

According to California-based, marketing guru, Jasmine Star these two practices are similar when casting your vision for the New Year; but not the exact, same thing in practice.

Furthermore, a list of goals are the ‘actionable’ items for the year ahead, and are all outcome based. Maybe you have reflected on the last year and found places where you want to improve. These areas could be in work, home and life. You write down the ways you wish to improve perhaps your small-business revenue, decompressing strategies or simply finding ways to make more time for your family.

Whereas an intention is a ‘way of being’ for the New Year. These items are all the mindsets you want to bring to the actions. For me, I coin this back to Melinda Gates when she annually sets a ‘word’ for her intention of the New Year. When adopting this practice as my own, this year I chose a word to help with each area of my life. The practice helps drive a lot of where I chose to spend my time in the year.

What practices do you have as you start the New Year? Are you setting these only for one specific area of your life or many?