When everyone is constantly trying to find different ways to express their individuality in today’s world, what better way to let your individuality stand out than with a custom piece of jewelry especially designed for you. Every piece of jewelry you own tells a little about you, your personality, and weaves a story. For anyone who’s in the search for a perfect piece of jewelry that best describes them, Flawless Diamonds Co. designs jewelry with the highest possible quality stones for their customers.

The founder of Flawless Diamonds Co, Nicholas Flathau, is currently 27 years old and owns 3 businesses. He learned from scratch about the quality of diamonds, gold, and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece from his previous jeweler who is now his mentor. The craftsmanship and quality of diamonds that they deliver are unmatched and they never cut corners. Designing custom pieces for their customers so all their pieces are one of a kind stamped with their logo is a task done quite well by the company.

Flathau lived on his own since the age of 17. Until he was 22, he lived from place to place every 6 months. He wanted to become an anesthesiologist and went to college a few years later for nursing. He had to work three jobs – at a grocery store, construction, and an interjecting molding factory just to make ends meet.

After starting his ATT franchise in 2016, he risked everything to become a successful businessman. He learned how to market on social media and made his first million at the age of 26. In 2018, he bought a bunch of jewelry from a jeweler in Dallas, Texas, and was fascinated by the craftsmanship of the pieces that he had purchased. This led him to research about diamonds, suppliers and understand how to design custom pieces on the computer. Now, unique diamond pieces are created daily in their facilities in Chicagoland. Dealing with customers worldwide, the man and his venture have turned into quite the buzz.

At Flawless Diamonds Co., you find a direct source for gold and diamonds without any middleman. When a customer enquires about a custom piece, Flawless is extremely direct and never sugar coats anything whatever the budget of the customer may be. Since they do not have a lot of inventory to factor in, their prices are lower than that of most jewelers. Their customer service is exceptional and you will fall in love with everything that they have to offer.

Making headlines in the jewelry world, they know how to make your dreams come true through their custom jewelry. Their products are a combination of classic and modern style and they can satisfy demands as they have a lot of experience with custom designs.

While buying jewelry from Flawless Diamonds Co., rest assured that you will not see any other person clashing with your unique style. This new brand is turning heads and changing the whole game, one diamond at a time.


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