There is no doubt that credit card fraud has become serious problems. Both credit card holder and the merchant can easily become a target for credit card fraud. Credit card number generator is a software program used by credit card company to produce rules to generate unique numeric valid card number they need. The primary purpose of fake credit card number generator is for site testing and any other legal purposes.  However, sometimes bad guys use this card number generator for illegal purposes.

How fake credit card number generator work?

As we mentioned earlier that fake credit card number generator is computer software to produce a unique number for a credit card. The program tells the computer to generate a string of numbers of specific rules to it. This software will also eliminate a particular number sequence if they don’t fit with the rules.

You may notice that all types of a credit card have its unique pattern number. For example, a visa card number is always started with a number 4, while Master Card typically begins with number 5. The first six digits is a bank identification number, and the next six digits number is the number of the member of the cardholder. The fake credit card number generator uses these rule and other rules to produce thousand even millions of unique number that suit with the rules.

How to get fake credit card number generator?

Testing real credit card number generators is easy as you can buy this software and download it from legitimate channels, or you can buy it from the black market. Many legitimate companies sell this number generator like DisCard, and Mobile Fish.

It is worth to mention that the software itself is legal software. However, the software will become illegal if people use it for unlawful purposes. People may be able to use it to create a false credit card, but for sure you will be in serious problems. The police will easily catch you and bring you to jail.

The benefit of fake credit card number generator

Fake credit card number generator is usually used by site developer to test their site. Site developers have to create an e-commerce site that able to process payment with credit card. They have to make sure that the sites can handle the transaction correctly. Therefore, they need a dummy credit card number to test the sites.

Some online store asks their customers to provide their credit card number to get a free trial. If you don’t have an intention to purchase the product, you can use fake credit card number generator to produce dummy credit card you need. However, a site that requires upfront payment, they will not only ask your credit card number, but they will also request additional information of your credit card. In this case, you need to provide your real credit card number.

Fake credit card number generator is excellent computer software that produce a dummy credit card number for many different proposes. However, it is essential to know that using fake credit card number generator for illegal purposes can lead you to break the law and bring you to serious problems.