Dear Teachers,

You are not online teachers, you are crisis managers. The pressure you are having placed on you is not fair.

You are teachers, not online teachers, you, just like healthcare workers, lack the correct tools to do your job.

You are crisis managers in a time where you are also carers, homemakers, caring for family, struggling with technology and worried about the future.

You are not online teachers. You are frontline workers and ALL that you are doing matters. Why? because you are offering some normalcy, a familiar face, a smile, a kind word, in a time of extraordinary stress. You are supporting entire communities, you are supporting families. You are helping parents, by helping parents, you are helping businesses.

You are amazing, you picked up your computers and iPads and charged into this because you love what you do. As a Course Director, I watched with pride as my team of teachers took on this challenge. They had to learn by doing, they had to make mistakes and they had to recreate. I always knew that the team was amazing, but now I am in awe. I am sure that every Course Director or Dean out there will say the same.

When I stand on my balcony each night, I am clapping and cheering for all the healthcare workers, essential workers and those volunteering their time, but I am also cheering for you.

Whatever you teach, wherever you teach, one thing is certain, no one could get through this without you.

So, thank you, thank you all. #ThankTeachers