Crocodile and alligator skins make the finest and rarest leather which is not only expensive but also durable and evokes the status of a certain class.

Wallet is an integral part of men. Without a wallet, men are not considered to be dressed fully. Wallet evokes a man’s personality and status. If you are rich and want an expensive wallet, you should definitely try crocodile or alligator wallets which are considered more expensive and more quality wallets than other leather wallets.

More Durable and Expensive Wallets

Rich people often show off their alligator wallets. Between crocodile and alligator wallets, alligator wallets are more expensive because alligator is considered one of the finest and expensive skin to make wallets. The wallets made from alligator skin are more durable than any other wallets. But crocodile wallets are not behind alligator wallets. It is considered prestigious to own a crocodile or alligator wallet.

The Process of Manufacturing

The reason behind the crocodile and alligator wallets being so expensive is mostly because of the expensive process of manufacturing. The living of crocodile costs too much. They can be used after 5-8 years and the cost of this huge time is too much. The most surprising part is that crocodile skin manufacturing cannot be done automatically, it requires manual work. The process of manufacturing takes more or less 3 months and if any craftsman makes any mistake during the process, the expensive crocodile skin will be totally destroyed. As far as the alligator skin is concerned, a man needs at least five years of experience in this field to be a master artisan of alligator skin wallets. During the process usually fake color is avoided to preserve the authenticity of these leathers otherwise the fake color might destroy the expensive crocodile and alligator leathers.

Avoid the Fake Reptile Wallets

Often customers get cheated with fake crocodile and alligator wallets. If you are spending so much money to buy a wallet you must check it before buying. Different parts of a crocodile’s body are covered with horn plates. So when you are buying a crocodile leather wallet check these things to be sure that it is authentic crocodile leather. Due to the structures of the reptile skin, it cannot be dyed like other leathers. So check this before buying the wallet. The pattern of a reptile skin is totally different from another reptile skin like the finger prints. Two different skins will never have the same pattern. On the other hand, fake reptile skin leathers use repeated patterns. The cost of crocodile and alligator wallets will never be cheap because from their birth till the manufacturing process, everything is too costly. So when a buyer tries to sell a cheap leather wallet, make sure you don’t buy a fake one.

Final Words

Crocodile and alligator wallets are too expensive and not affordable for the common people. But the fine leather certainly makes a statement of status and class. For this reason if you are desperate to buy a crocodile or alligator wallet, make sure to buy the authentic one.