Mr. Jitesh Manwani started training in year 2010. He is a young entrepreneur coach and business consultant who has helped many businesses and startups to grow in a few weeks; he helps the lakhs of entrepreneurs through his online sessions and videos.

He is an MBA from Delhi and is a certified NLP practitioner, having the certification by the American Society of NLP, which is a language to understand the human mind. He is also pursuing a Ph.D. in behavioral skills training and has been the Vice-President (public relations) in Toastmaster International. He has trained in companies like the Tata group of companies, Raymond’s, Globus, Lodha Group, Premier Bio soft, Crystal gallery Dubai, Shakti Pumps, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Ola, IIFM (Bhopal), ITC.

Trained nationalities including Italians, Russians, Arabs, Egyptians, Lebanese and many more and have made a fabulous international mark.

Another feather in the cap is that Mr. Jitesh has obtained the “Making the Stage” training certification from Success Resources, Singapore, which is one of the biggest certification for trainers on the planet.

Jitesh is a fitness enthusiast, has won accolades in tennis and now preparing for a marathon. He is a passionate nature lover and promotes ideologies that are related to nature. Now a parent to a one and a half-year-old, Jitesh is practically learning parenting and has also taken sessions on parenting in various forums. 

What is your entrepreneur’s story? How did you come about building your business?

It all started back in 2010, when I attended Mr Sneh Desai’s program, when I decided I want to be a trainer. The road seemed hazy, but I found the direction. I kickstarted the journey by conducting personality development and English sessions in colleges. In 2011, I partnered with my accounts tuition teacher, who was good at marketing. We received soft skills training projects in companies, institutes, etc. 

I got married to Priyanka in 2013, and in the same year, we got the opportunity to conduct trainings in Dubai which was a good platform. But back here in India, although I and my partner pitched in a lot of companies, we did not receive corporate training due to lack of experience. Somehow, we managed to get projects in Indore and in other cities too. In 2015, my partner left the company. And since I wasn’t that good in marketing at that time, the business suffered. I decided to focus more on public platforms rather than corporate or colleges. I created independent seminars like LevelNext, WonderMind. Since the marketing wasn’t strong, so the programs dint click with people. In the meanwhile, I and my wife Priyanka opened our academy Jitesh Manwani Academy of Change. It was an office with a training room. We had a staff of 6-7 people. We bagged some projects also and conducted seminars and workshops also in our training room. I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive program by Success Gyan in Mumbai which helped me understand the possibilities in this profession. A few months later I flew to Singapore to attend the “Making the Stage” program by Success Resources which was an achievement for me because it was a world-class experience with a world-class team of trainers there. This program taught me how to speak like a world-class trainer. At the start of 2018, my son Rudra was born. We dint have a lot of work in hand at that time and I was still establishing my name in independent training programs. Now I had one more member added in family so I thought I should apply for work in colleges again for consistent income, but it did not work out. Today I am glad it did not work out! Because after that I attended one more event called the Guerilla Business Intensive program by Success Gyan in Chennai. This program gave me insights into the right marketing in business. Eventually, I shifted back to my old office and Priyanka and I started doing business-oriented programs like Young Entrepreneur Summit (3 times), Young Entrepreneur Accelerator (5 times), SME Growth Program, Speak for Million (a training program for aspiring trainers), Business Consultancy to entrepreneurs. All these programs gave my company good profits. Check our website for more details on programs we conduct:

What is your business model — how were you able to grow so fast? What makes your business so unique and successful?

I would say it is the way we operate is the game-changer for us. We have a mix of full-time employees, interns and freelancers. We do social media marketing through which the people come to our events and eventually they register to our workshop and consult us for their business issues. Social Media Marketing also gives us corporate programs and talks in social/business forums. 

Our work culture is based on the ‘Code of Honor’ in which we have high integrity and authenticity. We even give each other Yellow, Orange and Red mistake cards which indicate the level of intensity of mistakes with yellow being low intensity. And if a person has frequent mistake cards, we talk about the problems he is facing. 

We follow NASA’s goal plan (also known as PERT- Program Evaluation and Review Technique), wherein we break the tasks to achieve goals into smaller tasks and allot these small tasks to the relevant employee with deadlines. It works wonders for achieving the bigger goal, collectively. Check our blog on NASA technique with a video:

We also have our business consultancy clients who buy consultancy from us yearly or half-yearly. We put their progress in front of our eyes on a whiteboard so that we know exactly what their current status is. 

Since we create free videos, we receive messages from people. We make sure to reply to them via personal messages so we can solve their problems they ask us personally.

What have you learned through your experiences as an entrepreneur that can be used by aspiring business individuals?

For entrepreneurs, I would say that :

a. make products according to the market, 

b. get good at something for which people are ready to pay you,

c. keep a check on the direction you are in (morals/ethics) and d. if you don’t have yet, then get a mentor/coach as soon as possible.

Why is online business, marketing, etc important?

Globally if you see, digital marketing has brought a paradigm shift in the way business work. There are 3.5 billion internet users in the world, and the number will rise. The mediums of advertising are now digital, because the exposure of people to digital mediums is more than that of offline marketing mediums. Also given the close competition in all areas, one has to up his digital marketing game to reap maximum benefits. We consult people on how to do social media marketing, including professionals who have certain restrictions on advertising. Check our blog for marketing for professionals

 What skills and attributes make you as successful as you are?

My endeavor has always been to help maximum people through my teachings. I make sure that participants learn and implement the tools and techniques I give them in their personal life or business. I want to see the positive changes in people. I believe in “Practice what you preach”,  so that means I also follow the learning I impart. 

Discipline can make mountains move and hence, I ensure to be in a disciplined regime which helps me stay focused and work long hours if needed because I manage my energy in the right way. The right leadership skills have given me tremendous benefit; we have to be teachers along with being leaders. We follow these 3 rules: 

a. Show them how the work has to be done

b. See if they are doing things the way they were trained to

c. Tell them if there is any discrepancy in their work and hence improve

What challenges did you face while creating your brand? What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

We faced challenges in marketing ourselves. We couldn’t understand the market initially, that what people want. We had issues finding the right audience too.

Everyday Challenges

a. Since we create a lot of content for social media, content creation for followers is a challenge

b. what to delegate so that the work quality is maintained and efficiency is intact fund flow management

c. maintaining enthusiasm of team**

d. making new systems/updating/improving them everyday

e. personally replying to followers on their messages

f. Updating myself every day for my learning.

**One thing I would like to share is that we need to know what our employees are good at. For example, a marketing person likes to do graphic designing. So we should let him do that for an allotted time so that he is happy in what he is doing. For him, he is just not doing marketing but also he gets to what he likes. That way, he enjoys what his work is.

 What is your future vision and how do you wish to take your success to the next level?

My vision is to make 100 successful entrepreneurs running high-profit businesses with good health and relationships.

I wish to take it to the next level by helping more entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

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Feedback From Client:

Vinod Parihar (IT Business)

“40% business growth in the first month of implementations of his teachings”

Nikhil Sevkani (Event Management)

“My life totally changed, I am in love with my business more than ever. By applying all techniques by Mr Jitesh, I will grow 20X”

Abhishek Gaur (Professional)

“Mr Jitesh has cleared all my confusions for practicing my profession in the right way”

Shaily Ahuja Kalra (Interior Designer)

“The two-day program of Mr Jitesh helped me in my business as well as maintaining my personal-professional life balance, I am very happy now”


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