Social media platforms are a good place to connect people and entertain ourselves. But nowadays, it has also become a hub where artists can promote their art as well as inspire others to explore their own creativity so they can start their careers as well. 

Yuki Hirata from Osaka, Japan is an abstract painter who started her career after she developed a great interest in alcohol ink art which she first saw on Instagram. Even if she didn’t have formal training or education on how to make art, she uses her raw talent, inspiration, and appreciation of color to guide her in creating eye-catching pieces. 

Alcohol ink art is a fluid painting technique that refers to various techniques that have to do with working with paint in a liquid medium. It is also the name of the colors based on alcohol.

With her love for color and interest in the fluidity of this technique, Yuki began making her own alcohol ink paintings in 2019. She later started canvas painting in the following year. 

A Way to Express Herself 

Yuki admits that she’s not good at expressing her emotions through words. She likes talking, having fun, and is genuinely positive but is also introverted. So through her art, she found a way to best express herself. 

“I didn’t realize it at first, but it could be the way to express and output my emotions and feelings. Basically, I express the positive emotions, what I realize, hopeful things, and what I think is beautiful. ,” she said. 

When it comes to making alcohol ink art, she looks deep into herself and channels her emotions which she then translates using this preferred medium. 

Other than being an artist, Yuki is also a hairdresser. Her favorite part of this job is when she gets to work color. 

Gaining International Recognition 

Even though Yuki started making art quite recently, her talent and appreciation for the vibrancy of the colors that she uses allowed her to become recognized not only in her community but in other countries as well. 

Last February, she and her art were present in the Salon d’Art Japonais in Paris, and in March she also attended the GAIA -The Origin- at the M.A.D.S art gallery in Milano, Italy. But that’s not where her fame stops. 

Come August of 2021, Yuki will also showcase her work at an art festival called OASIS in Osaka, Japan. 

She has come thus far by believing in herself and taking actions to fulfill her dreams. She also shares this same advice with those who want to start a career in the art industry as well. 
Check out Yuki’s art on her Instagram account (@ateliermarge_yuki).