It’s important to have surroundings that foster your creativity.  There’s a different energy in every room you enter, and without knowing it, they’ll influence you.  Most restaurant and store designs are intended to evoke a certain response in their customers.  When you’re home, you want to feel comfortable, and why not create a space that will subconsciously influence you in the way you’d want to be.  So here are some must haves to boost your creative mentality.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Boston Fern

Plants are proven to boost creativity and productivity.   Having plants in your home will improve the air quality around you leaving you to feel more energized. Some of the highest ranking house plants are Boston ferns.  Boston ferns are easy to take care of and are powerful air purifiers. They remove formaldehyde, plastics, or cigarette smoke from the air according to SF Gate. Snake plants are also a great choice as they take CO2 and convert it into oxygen.  They’re also very pretty and grow up, not out, so they don’t take up too much space. In addition to all of that, Green is considered to be the best color to invoke original thought. So, by having plants, you’re surrounding yourself with fresh oxygen and a creativity influencing color.

Have Art that Inspires You

Tim De Vries

Hanging wall art or having a sculpture in your home can inspire creativity. Art is intended to stir emotions. Having art in your home will influence you to think in a different way.  If you’re not a fan of traditional wall art, think of something else.  You could get an artistic table by Tim De Vriesor some fiber art by Macramé Momma. Choose art that speaks to you.  A piece by Tim De Vries is intended to evoke “feelings of exciting adventures, dark mystery, or hard action.”  While Macramé Momma’s work is intended for connections and fluidity.  You need to find the lifestyle you want and have art that will inspire you to act on it.

Macrame Momma

Surround Yourself with the Things You Want to Do

If your tv was more difficult to get to, the chances of you watching it will decrease.  Same goes for everything else.  If you want to start playing your guitar more, have it accessible, if you want to paint more, keep your supplies ready to go.  This also translates to visual cues, if you want to go the rock climbing gym, having your shoes and chalk visible, and ready will increase your chances of doing it.  Make the things you want to do easy to access and you’re more likely to do them.

Give Your Room the Illusion of Being Larger

If you don’t have high ceilings or your home has limited space, there are ways to give the illusion of it being bigger.  Mirrors are a great tool to making a room appear bigger.  You can also influence the height of a room by incorporating vertical striped wallpaper. Back to color, Green and blue tend to make walls look like they’re expanding outward, versus warm colors that give the illusion of them closing in.

These are just four simple ways to foster creativity in your space.  It’s important to cater these tips to what works for you, and what your goals are.  Something as simple as wall color can change your mood and adding a plant can boost your energy.  These are easy adjustments that can make a huge difference in your life.