This is the sort of 15 Minute Manifestation thinking that changes results by creating the actions of a person you strive to become. Asking yourself that question can give you the extra inspiration you need to make that extra call, write that extra article, or “go the extra mile” as the cliche states.

It’s like knowing the end of the movie when you first sit down in the theatre. It doesn’t matter where the storyline takes you because you KNOW what the end result is going to be. The hero in the movie does that; they continue no-matter-what until they accomplish their objective. This is sometimes the kind of resolve you must have to get your job done.

BUT, how do you BE that person and act accordingly when you are focused what what your current results are? It can be hard if your old style thinking is still active. You can’t think the way you did yesterday and expect different results tomorrow, it’s just impossible and this is really important to understand. It’s exactly why Lottery winners squander all their winnings in record time; they never became a millionaire in their mind. They could not BE the person who could handle having that sort of money.

Your current results are a product of the person you WERE, your future results will be a product of who you are being RIGHT NOW. So whatever is going on in your world today has nothing to do with your future results because you did that work already. You can BE who you deserve to be TODAY in order to create the results you want TOMORROW. Now is the time to act, now is the time to see that final objective and BE the person who would achieve that.

Can it really be that simple? Yes it can! Whenevr you’re focused on current results that are not desirable, you’re broadcasting the same vibration that created the undesirable result. If you are thinking about what you’re out to achieve, you are broadcasting a vibration that matches your desired results. This takes faith, hope, desire, determination and absolute belief in yourself and that is sadly why so few people achieve greatness in their lives (whatever greatness is to them).