We live in a world where anything is possible. Anybody can become anything they wish to with the power of the internet and social media. 

But the very devices and apps that should empower us… can easily become what’s holding us back. 

Every time there is a notification, an email, a whatsapp – a message on instagram..we need to check it.

With so many devices and even more apps, our attention spans have taken a dive.  

It is said that we become good at what we practice. 

And right now – we practice a lot of distraction. 

Which means we often don’t get done what we want to do in a day. 

Which means we are unable to create the (day, week, month year AND)  LIFE that we want. 

I know it sounds harsh but ultimately this is what it comes down to. 

OR we have to work longer hours to get things done and instead miss out on chill time. 

So how do we change this? 

Simple. Remember, we become good at what we practice. 

We should practice concentration instead. 

Practice keeping your mind on one thing at a time. 

Every time it’s distracted, bring it back. Bring it back. Gently, bring it back. 

This is meditation. 

The best results come when we consciously set aside time to practice concentration. 

We can sit and focus on the breath, or a mantra, or write an affirmation continuously. 

This – is meditation. 

Peace & Love


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