Shamans, mystics and many other spiritual philosophers all offer ways to manifest a life of peace and prosperity. 

Often we think that in order to attract money, love, health and our ideal life we must find it outside of ourselves. It is deeper than going out into the world and slaying the figurative dragon or conquering the new frontier. I recommend that you consider taking the sword of truth and cut out those aspects of your life that no longer serve your soul’s purpose and your planetary mission.

When you do this, you can make room to attract what is really important in your life.


Everyone has a sword of truth. This sword metaphorically represent your ability to take responsibility for your actions, words and deeds. It also can be effective in helping us discern what parts of our lives we want to avoid. 

For example, I’ve experienced challenges with my birth family for many years. I always put my feelings last and my emotional needs were not being met within my family dynamic. Instead of putting my sword of truth to work and honoring my feelings I suppressed with alcohol and avoidance. Eventually it all caught up with me and I got sick.

So what did I do about it?  

I created a life in balance by pulling out my sword of truth. I began to cut away those aspects of my life that did not make me feel good.

Like a surgeon’s sharp scalpel, the sword of truth can cut out those parts of our life that do not support happiness.

This should be done gracefully by being forgiving of ourselves and others. 

By being kind and gentle with the process of letting go you can get on with the life you are meant to live. 

On the other edge of your sword of truth you can expand your field of awareness to dream your world into being. Cutting edge consciousness is when you become an active co-creator of your reality. 

For example, the most simple way to expand your field of awareness comes through learning. This can include reading, education, sports and skill development. 

What I personally like to do is show up everyday and in every moment like it’s radically new.

Radically newness has a power to shed the old outworn parts of our lives.

Try to approach your loved ones or people at work in a new way. You may be radically surprised how your consciousness  expands.

I would also invite you to check out my simple steps to become radically new.


  • Adam C. Hall

    Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder of The Genius Process

    Adam Hall Adam Hall, Speaker, Author, Founder of the Genius Process, empowers individuals and organizations to unleash their genius to rediscover and align their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. Adam’s background includes twenty-four years as the founder and CEO of a Los Angeles based Middle Market Real Estate Investment Bank. During his tenure, he raised in excess of $1.5 billion from both private and institutional sources. He served as principal on several successful commercial real estate projects.  His accomplishments earned him recognition and stature in the community. In 2004, Adam underwent a profound awakening. This began a period of deep discernment, exploration, research and study of Eastern and Western modalities, as well as, Indigenous wisdom traditions, Jungian psychology, and Quantum Mechanics. After a courageous and intensive process of initiations, Adam came to a comprehensive understanding of consciousness, the nature of reality and how this knowledge can be accessed and applied to one’s personal and business life. In 2007, Adam founded Earthkeeper Alliance Legacy Partners LLC., a for-profit B-Corp dedicated to land conservation and un-development. In 2016, he retired to consult with individuals and organizations to help them rediscover their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. As Founder of the Genius Process, Adam offers a new quantum mindset based on wholeness, as opposed to individualism and separation. His work fully integrates the biological, physiological, psychological, and ecological aspects of human nature with spiritual law and universal intelligence. He specializes in supporting leaders and companies to transform how they live their lives and do business to serve the greater good.   In 2013, Adam authored The Earthkeeper, Undeveloping the Future, published by Hay House. His upcoming books include The Divine Design, The Thirteen Wisdom Teachings of the Genius, and Wisdom for the Everyday Spiritual Traveler, a pocket guide to a life of Joy.  Adam lives in Santa Barbara, California where he spends his time mentoring young leaders, doing community and planetary stewardship work, as well as, other philanthropic endeavors dedicated to land conservation and education. He is a life long learner and is devoted to reinventing the planet. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters, four granddaughters and communing with Mother Nature.