Why did I call this one Disney? If I say the word Disney what comes to your mind? The word “Disney” reminds me of my childhood. Of fun and laughter and excitement. It reminds me of the time we took our children to Disney ( their fun, their curiosity, laughter, excitement) and it truly brings a huge smile to my face and my heart.

Recently someone was riling me and I turned around and said ‘Stop troubling me ..I will patt patt You’ They completely cracked up. Who says patt patt? It’s a word we used when our children were young to say I will smack you. I still use these words unconsciously .. I still use a lot of words, terminology I used as a child. Yes, I love children, love being childlike and this really connects with the child within me.

I realized that I love being a child – I am very curious, love laughing, giggling, dancing, playing and just being a little girl. At this age, I still often tie my hair in pigtails ( as you can see in the photo). It brings out the girl in me.

For my Birthday last year My husband and 2 boys took me to meet Santa Claus in Finland – OMG! I really was like a little girl running around and so excited. I also told Santa that it was my Birthday

Our inner child is that part of our personality that still taps into the childlike feeling within. Many therapists think it’s important for adults to get in touch with their inner child. This is so we can accept ourselves and be more loving and compassionate with ourselves…
Healing your Inner Child will allow you to fill any gaps and this will help you live a more positive and rewarding life .. one filled with fun, laughter, compassion authenticity, and most importantly, with self- love and love for others.

What’s childish? And what is childlike? When one is being Childish one is self-centered, throwing tantrums, being bratty and wanting one’s way.  When one is childlike there is innocence, curiosity, compassion, and a sense of wonder about the world.  The main thing here to focus on is the childlike qualities ..not childish. And in these childlike qualities, you find your inner child.

There are many different ways to nurture your inner child.

You can send loving messages to yourself. Tell yourself regularly – “I love you and am grateful and appreciative of all that you are.“

Value, love and appreciate yourself
Look after yourself.
Do things you enjoy for yourself.
Respect yourself
Set healthy boundaries with others.
Believe in yourself.
Be compassionate with yourself.
Sing, dance, do all the things which make you feel like a child

I definitely relate to this saying by James Broughton