The importance of observing acts of kindness, forgiveness, and practicing methods that increase our growth and self-development is a practice we should utilize year-round.

We often wait for New Year’s Eve or our respective religious holidays (Yom Kippur or Sunday’s at Church) to repent and re-assess our values and ethics while hoping to incorporate a better lifestyle. While all of this is great, recognizing and instilling healthier regimens and kinder behavior should happen daily.

Change is a process. It takes steps, and lots of introspection, dedication, recognition, and continuing connection to the higher-self, and for some, consistent association to one’s temple, church, or place of worship.

While 2020 has proven to be a challenging year, let us not give up on our self or others, and remember to choose kindness over judgment. Join me crafting our best versions by living with greater love, kinder thoughts, kinder words, increased charity, healthier habits towards our body and mind, healthier eating and drinking, leaning towards love, decreased judgment of others and living with a pure heart. May our actions reflect our words and promises.

How do we do this while living in the most obscure year? We stay committed to our religious teachings, practice daily meditation or remember to just pause and relax, exercise (even if it’s a walk around the block), drink more water, less negative talk, more personal connection even if it’s through Zoom or Facetime with family and friends, writing a daily gratitude list, and journaling your personal development progress at the end of each day or week. I encourage you to utilize some or all of these practices, and remember to have fun and enjoy your best version yet!

You can always contact me to keep me posted on your progress or seek support and guidance. I am doing this with you, so you are not alone.