Common people are always inquisitive to know what metabolism really means, what the work of metabolism is and how important it is for the body.

The range of question goes on and on! In simple words, metabolism is a network of hormones and enzymes (a complete set of life sustaining chemicals) that helps in converting the food into energy (fuel) in order to run the cellular processes in the body.

Here, it is important to understand that Metabolism is affected by a different gender. For example – men burn more calories and the proportion of body muscle mass than women, An in-depth review of a common misconception is that stout people have slower metabolisms as compared to others, while the fact is that heavy people tend to have quicker metabolism process in their body.

Once in our life, all of us have planned something to do to boost the level of metabolism in our body, while all of us have a different metabolic level in our body, still we can do a lot of natural stuff to burn extra calories and boost metabolism drastically!

Below we have shared some of the tips which can help to boost your metabolism.

1. Vitamin B is the key

The most vital factor in converting your body’s fat, carbohydrates and proteins into energy is the Vitamin B. This is the reason why when you don’t get enough of the vitamin B, the metabolism creation process of your body slows down which can lead to exhaustion.

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In such a case, you can add more of melons, broccoli, fish, eggs and spinach in your meal to add up more vitamin B in your body. Just do this and you will more energetic which would be the result of increased vitamin B.

2. Healthy breakfast

Numerous studies have shown that having breakfast is the best option to increase your resting metabolism for the day by almost ten percent. Therefore, a proper and healthy breakfast of fruits and other healthy stuff like eggs and yogurt is obligatory.

The idea is to give your body something healthy in the early hours of the day and help it in keeping working.

3. Fight for what you love!

As you grow old, muscle loss increases to a whole new level and this slows down the process of metabolism. In order to fight with this slowing down process, you need proper strength and resistance training and build lean muscle mass. Also, you can read about this sarms here, Metabolism determines how efficiently your body makes use of the fuel (energy) in it. These kind of training tends to boost the life expectancy of the person as well.

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4. Eat in small lots, not all at once

Always remember that eating in small part works more in your favour than eating heavy meals. Metabolism increases when you eat light meals three to five times a day. Also, if you are planning to keep all your calories and eating just 2 large meals throughout the day is the best way to slow down your metabolism process, so beware!


Generally, after you turn 32-35, you start losing about 0.5% of muscle mass every year and as you turn sixty years old, it gets worse. Boosting metabolism is mandatory, especially when you cross the age of your early 30s. Finally, now you know everything in detail about the habits that can change your life in a healthy way.

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