In today’s world, fame and success on social media is not easy, but possible for anyone to achieve when you have the drive and talent to do so.

Dan James Clarke is a 19-year-old social media entrepreneur who has been successful since the age of only 14. Many just see social media as a tool to connect with our friends and family, but there are also amazing opportunities to make money using it. Dan spent months learning the algorithms by trial and error in order to grow multiple Instagram accounts as high as 300,000 followers. This opened up a lot of opportunities for him to promote popular brands such as TikTok, Calm app and many other small businesses.

Dan has recently built up a business providing PR and social media services to clients including artists, models, influencers and more. Doing this he has connected with some amazing, successful people including Juris Bruvers who has helped him highly in his ventures.

Although he has found great success on Social Media, he wants to encourage young people to spend less time online and more time having real life experiences with our family and friends. Dan says “Today, we are so disconnected from reality due to social media. Young people need to experience more real-life connections with people around us, rather than a connection online that has no true meaning or emotion.” Hence why he takes every opportunity to get involved in his community, outdoor activities, charity work etc.

Back in 2016, Dan took part in charity work in Kenya, helping in safehouses for street kids in order to give them a home, great education and a life they can look forward to. He has also raised money for Motor Neurone Disease Association which he was very passionate about as this was the very disease that took his grandfather. “This is a disease that not many people know much about and I think a lot more could be done to raise awareness and money to fight this incurable disease.”

Dan also enjoys taking part in outdoor activities including caving, shooting, archery, and even had a passion for ice skating and table tennis. During his short life Dan has had the opportunity to travel all around the world; from fishing over Niagara Falls, toboggining in the Swiss Alpes, to staying in national parks in Kenya. Dan has had many adventures so far and is looking forward to experiencing many more.

To follow him on his adventures, check out his Instagram @Dan_clrk