If you long to be a vibrant, expressive, focused, coordinated, aligned & strong dancer:⁠ The most important thing to do is:⁠⁠


But: If we are more concentrated, if we need more focus & power than usual. What are we doing?

Yes – We stop breathing. Not completely, but for sure we change our breathing and definitely not for the good. Do you think this habit is helpful?⁠⁠ No.

If you need MORE power – if you need MORE concentration you need MORE oxygen. ⁠Because you need that extra boost.⁠ You want to use your WHOLE super power to solve this situation!! ⁠⁠So NEVER suppress your breathing. ⁠But what is so easy said is so hard to do.⁠ Because you really need to rewire this program. ⁠⁠More power never comes from more tension! (does this make sense to you?)⁠⁠

?? ? ?????? ??? ?? ? ?????? ??????????:⁠⁠

Choose – in mind – any ballet movement you want. (it could be a simple tendu)⁠⁠

Now -⁠Stand still and breath as freely as you can with total focus on your breath.⁠ Now go into that movement – execute the chosen movement.⁠ ??????? suppressing your breathing!!⁠⁠ Yes, that’s an immense difficult task.⁠ And maybe you feel confused. Try it again.⁠ Until you feel more comfortable.⁠⁠

The breath is the motor of a dancer – so learn to be aware of it at any time.⁠ That’s your ultimate super power!⁠⁠⁠