Defy the odds in pursuit of goals

Have you ever seen a dandelion that’s managed to grow through the crack of the sidewalk?

Did that cute little flower cause the crack in the hard concrete?

Or did it manage to following the light and grow instinctively towards the the opening? I have felt like that little seedling trying to find its way.  Lost and succeeded in the dark. Feeling a deep purpose within, but not sure if it’ll ever see the light of day. 

That flower grew alone in the dark. Did it ever have any doubts before growing through that crack that it’d ever see the sun?

I am sure that the little bud felt so alone in the darkness with nothing else to do but trust the process. It surely had options like we do in doubtful times: to worry and fret about the present situation or to grow regardless. Luckily this one, choose the latter and kept on until on day it finally felt the soothing warmth.

Witnesses then gather around, amazed that this fragile little flower managed to defy the odds against it. 

Was it a miracle that it survived?

Was it pure determination of that so called “weed” to will its way through the crevice. 

Did it set a goal and manifest that crack in its path, where this little seed was once placed helplessly? 

Rather was it this little bud’s divine purpose all along- to show other’s around him what is possible.

This maybe you, feeling like you are stuck in the pit of darkness. Perhaps there is even a crack of light in the far away distance that you can barely see. And you wonder if you are ever going to see or feel the warm easy sunlight on your face. 

Like the dandelion, you trust the process of all the growth and development that must happen beneath the surface when things feel dark and hopeless. 

This seed never would have matured into a budding bloom if it had merely been thrusted onto the hot bright sidewalk. Instead it would have dried up, burnt swiftly, never knowing its true capacity.  

Please don’t loose focus. Remember who you are. That little seed, how it even got there in the first place, only God knows.

But, he knew all along that within him, he was destined to be a flower. Not suddenly, but he had potential within him to blossom, and so do you.

You must remember who you are. 

It might not look like much now. But you can feel the potential of stems, buds, bright colors and leaves within you.

How do we get this into the light?

First of all, do not succumb to the darkness. Keep your focus towards those cracks of sunlight. 

Believe in the transformation that is happening beneath the exterior. 

Then one day, perhaps when it seems all the odds are against you, your potential will break through the surface.

Others will marvel at your “sudden” bloom and wonder how you did it. Bystanders only see the outward product of the flower and admire it’s beauty. They are not aware of the dark journey, the moments of doubt or the full process this little bud labored through to reach its potential and bloom in all the glory of floral purpose. To finally be what he has always somehow knew deep down what he was meant to do.

If you are somewhere in your journey where you feel lost in the dark. But you get the feeling deep down that you are meant for something big, even though it doesn’t look like it now. You may yearn to feel the sunlight, but all you see are cracks in your cold dark reality. The growth is uncomfortable, resistance is met at each new level. 

Think of the little dandelion in the sidewalk that maintained unwavering faith and keep your face towards the sun.