Are you always busy, constantly struggling to find extra space in your life to pursue the things you love?

So many people nowadays are addicted to their work and our society encourages that addiction. Now, people struggling to find time to even take care of themselves and their families, let alone pursue their personal dreams.

Danielle LaPorte was a workaholic. She’s an incredibly accomplished individual, having received praise from Forbes and Oprah, but this success took a serious toll on her health.

In the last year, Danielle realized that she needed to break the unhealthy cycle she found herself in. Now, she’s simplified her life, transforming the way that she lives and works. She actively combats workaholism and creates space to focus on her wellness instead. Now, she’s spending more time on herself, with her son, and working on projects that fulfill her. 

Get ready to learn about how to simplify your work, transform your life, and pursue your personal dreams from now on in this episode of The Mindset Mashup.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is lighting you up right now the best? (9:35)
  • What did you quit in this last year? (12:25)
  • How would you describe masculinity in the man that would set your heart on fire? (23:05)
  • What helps you slow down? (33:05)
  • What triggers your truth bombs? How do you measure if it’s a real truth bomb or fleeting thought? (49:44)
  • What are you looking forward to launching in 2019? (54:05)
  • How do you define fulfillment? (58:18)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How workaholism is a socially praised addiction and Danielle actively combats it. (9:39)
  • How Danielle made space in her life to prioritize her own wellness. (12:41)
  • What a simplified life looks like. (16:54)
  • What Danielle looks for in a man. (23:14)
  • What it means to be kind to yourself and be free. (30:36)
  • How regularly holding thoughts of gratitude can change your brain for the better. (48:27)
  • How Danielle’s planner can help you live from your heart. (54:36)
  • Danielle’s definition of fulfillment. (58:22)

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